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Badtameez Dil 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bua and suman meet abeer on their way out, bua says plz lets leave fast, abeer waits for lift, and is very irritated, pinky arrives below mehars apartment. Mehar in her room looks at abeers mess and says now i have to ask abeer to leave i cant take this anymore, she organises her room, she sees abeers pic and says u have to leave. Abeer says i better wait till mummyji comes if i go up i again will fight, and abeer leaves and pinky comes there, guard stops pinky and his guards and asks him to make entry, pinky gets angry and says u want my entry so take it and u know what pinky does breaks everyones bones so one more word and u will be in pieces, the guard lets pinky in. Abeer starts playing with the kids in apartment.
Mehar decides to go n tell ma and bua that she is

goona ask abeer to leave so goes near the lift and then thinks that i don’t know where they are let me call them and mehar goes back to flat, pinky reaches mehars floor, mehar searching for her phone, pinky at mehars door rings bell, mehar checks from key hole and hears pinkys voice, she gets scared , pinky says break the locks and get in, mehar runs upstairs and hides in her room, pinky and his guards entre mehars house, and closes the door, and asks to search for abeer, mehar hides abeers stuff too, pinky sees mehars family photo and says small family lets see what happens now, the guards serach upstairs, mehar tries search her phone, she gets it but it falls down and mehar hides as one of the men entre her room, the guard goes out of mehars room, mehar sees her phone has gone below the bed, pinky calls his men and asks them to get something to eat from kitchen, mehar tries remove the phone, pinky is informed that they found no one, pinky asks to check upstairs again, his men go up.
Mehar removes her phone, the man enters mehars room, mehar hides again, pinkys one man heats sandwich for him in oven, mehar is hiding behind curtains, the man goes near it but before that the oven bursts, everyone reaches kitchen and see that the guy had put steel plate in oven so the burst, pinky scolds him. Bua and suman taking a walk, bua says mehar always hide her pain from us, bua and suman sees abeer playing with kids and his ball goes to bua, abeer walks to her and says bua why do u always get angry on me, i helped u instead by opening mehars heart to u but, bua says abeer u, suman says didi not now lets go up now.
Bua and suman go upstairs, pinky is being told they found no one pinky says look at this sandwich it tastes so bad, mehar slowly calls her mom, suman picks it up, mehar asks where are u, but suman is in lift so she cant hear anything,bua and suma reach their floor, suman gets call again, mehar says ma don’t come home, pinky is in the house, suman abt to stop, bua rings the bell, suman runs to bua, but before that door opens, suman says wrong hosue, pinky says i know its urs come in plz, bua and suman come in, bua asks who are u and how do u enter my house, pinky says u shd be good to guest and sorry my men spoilt ur microwave don’t worry i will get u a new one.
Mehar calls abeer, abeer phone is on bench since he is playing.

Precap: pinky informs abeer that ur mehar has been kidnappend, abeer runs for mehars help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. plz take this pinky out and concentrate on love story of abeer and meher

  2. OMG!!!
    Hope Abeer saves Meher
    Waiting for Monday

  3. OMG plz Abeerdo something
    they are just dragging it by the blo*dy pinky…

  4. Abeer hit a punch to that pinky. And please hope that bruises u got is not actually pinky bhai beating u. Love abeer

  5. i am waiting for monday’s episode

  6. Abeer will be safe but I am excited about Monday. Hope monday come soon!!’!!!!!!

  7. Who is this psyco pinky ?????????

    1. Pinky is a goon, Meher went to mall to get ice cream for tunnu n she collided with Pinky’s brother n his goons n their ice cream fell n they misbehaved with Meher n abeer was there to fight for Meher n so abeer got into a fight with DAT pinky’s bro n throw coffee in his face n so other day they came to know that he was Pinky’s bro n so now they r after Meher n abeer

  8. Guys, which version of mere nishaan do u like?
    1.general (which used at the first day )??❤
    2.rock (which used in award function 24 July )?
    3.slow emotional (which used at mehbeer dancing 25 July )?
    4.sad emotional (which used when meher disclosed the truth 28 July )?

    1. 4th one starting with sajde me tere sar jhukta bas chahat ki hai ye daastan
      ruth gaya mera rab jo mujhse tu mita de wo mere nishaan

      it really simplifies their love

  9. Nice episode!
    Abeer please rescue Meher.
    I like a very version of mera nishaan.

  10. meher portrays very rude character towards abeer in d starting and then hided her stuff don’t know whats she want but anyways abeer is just superb, meher should be a little bit more sweet to abeer as he is there just for her sake she shld keep her ego aside

    1. Yes ur ri8 , Meher hid his stuff coz his life is also in danger along with her

  11. If Meher is going to be sweat to abeer then show will miss a thing.
    I think the writer has choosen right personality to its a very story or serial actor.

  12. Awesome precap.. waiting for next episode

  13. Expecting a very sweet hug after abeer rescues meher;-) am I over expecting. ..? no naa;-)

  14. Tunnnoo… Don’t come home 😐 O.o 🙁 :'( Pinky, I’ll pull each ur hair if ya did anythng with my Boss -_- >.< 'm wìth @beer vai.

  15. Hey MeH I was thinking the same think a tight cute hug

  16. Hope abeer will save meher from pinky’goons

  17. OMG
    Abeer pls help meher

  18. I love this show very very much

  19. Amazing fantastic and fabolous and awesome concept and acting skills mashallahhh

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