Badtameez Dil 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer by mistake tears mehars dress, mehar says taiji is out what will i do now, abeer says relax and hides the torn part with duppatta, mehar opens the door n sees taiji waiting n says sorry, taiji says come fast or else panditji will get angry and leaves, abeer says mehar wait my kiss,mehar says not now lets go.
Taiji asks mehar n abeer to take panditijis blessings, while doing so taiji sees mehars torn part, madhvi says mehar no need of duppatta on head u can take it as u do usually, taiji says no no let it be and why did u take so long, abeer says ya mehar why did u take so long, mehar says actually i was freshening up, abeer says i have to call n leaves, taiji says mehar i told panditji abt ur wedding n fire incident too and he has suggested u to keep distance

from abeer for few days as precaution, i know u both want to go honeymoon n all so but for pooja,mehar says sorry taiji but i don’t believe in all this, taiji says i know u belong to this modern generation but i am worried for abeer so for me plz do it, mehar says ok taiji anything for u, i will do as u say, taiji says so can u keep distance from abeer, mehar says yes, taiji says good, i know its difficult but do it, now go get panditji food, mehar leaves, taiji says to herself i will keep u away from my son for life long.
Mehar talking to suman, suman asks are u fine u aren’t sounding so, mehar says ma i am fine just busy, suman says mehar i know something is wrong but anyways tell me whenever u feel like and i think u are scared abt new life and make sure u make place in everyones heart and u have to take the steps toward that and i know u will do so,madhvi comes and mehar says ma i will call u later,madhvi smiles n says i am so proud of u mehar, i know how difficult is this 7 days task but plz try understand taijis nature, she loves abeer a lot for her plz do it, mehar smiles n says yes ma, madhvi says ok go to abeer n tell him too abt it and u know i always prayed god for a daughter in law like u and so i am so happy to have a daughter like u, never feel lonely come to me whenever u feel like.
Mehar goes to room and abeer says we are going honeymoon 7 days away from everyone and we are leaving tomorrow, mehar says abeer we cant bcoz taiji has asked me to keep distance from u for 7 days for pooja, abeer says mehar how did u agree to it, didn’t u think abt me before saying yes, mehar says abeer i had no choice and taiji is very worried for us so for her, abeer says just tell me do u believe in all this, mehar says no but, abeer walks to taiji, mehar tries to stop him, abeer goes to taiji n says i didn’t know abt pooja so booked tickets so can we postpone the pooja, taiji says abeer u married without me knowing abt it and now decided this too looks like, abeer says taiji plz i don’t want to upset u but i have already booked tickets, taiji says i was just worried for u both but if u don’t believe in all this go anyways u are big now so why will u listen to me, and mehar if u don’t wish too u cant, mehar says abeer i am sorry but can we postpone, abeer gets angry n leaves, taiji says don’t worry mehar he will calm down don’t worry but i am very happy, go now,mehar leaves.
Mehar tries calling abeer but abeer doesn’t receive calls, nisar asks abeer why is he doing so she must be worried abt u, abeer says she must be busy becoming perfect daughter in law, mehar gets upset and starts crying n says i am sorry atleast talk to me i am so lonely here, abeer says to nisar why doesn’t she listen to me i don’t believe in all this and looks like i alone want to go honeymoon, nisar says abeer think from her side she is new to her house what will she say taiji that she wants to go honeymoon, get real abeer, abeer says u shd have told me this before bye i am going to mehar, nisar says quick.
Abeer reaches home n sees mehar sleeping in room, abeer slowly walks to mehar and sits beside her, his phone rings, mehar wakes up and sees abeer and says where were u, i am so sorry, abeer says i am sorry how could i leave u alone like this, and hugs her.abeer says stop crying , mehar says dare u do this again, abeer says never, mehar says promise u will never leave me alone, abeer says sorry i made u cry, mehar says sorry i made u angry, abeer says theres a way u can make me happy and i will agree for seven days thing, mehar says anything u say, abeer gets her a red dress n says i wanted to give u during honeymoon but, mehar looks at the dress its a short one and says what will do of this, abeer says go wear it, mehar says only if u will not play any pranks, abeer says promise nothing.
Mehar wears the dress n comes out.

Precap: abeer walks to mehar, mehar says abeer u promised u wont, abeer goes behind her and blows her hair.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice epi

  2. Toooooooooo roMantic episode… ?

  3. Desperately waiting for tomorrow’s episode . Love u mehbeer.

  4. Nice episode
    But story moving slowly. I don’t understand how they are going to finish it by next week.
    Hope sp is not ending it and may change the time slot
    But ektas new show promo starting On 28 sept 8:30 is already aired in hotstar

    1. hope bdtmz dil khtm na ab ekta k show ka promo aa gya h to kuch ni kh skte

  5. nice episode…..hope dp change its time slot instead of ending it


    guys this will give some relieve watch it please

  7. Lovely abeer but for meher she is justttt OKK!!!! Sorry n epi is going interesting day by day Lub u all bd fanssss

  8. I do not know why this show is going off air, this show is a bit different than others. Like in other shows there is dushmani between the lovers then friendship then love then separation and then they are united but in this show the lovers are already divorced and after so many years they are to be united

  9. supr

  10. how romantic its beautiful

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