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Badtameez Dil 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar burns her diary, abeer scolds her saying u will hurt urself, suman snatches it from mehar and puts off the fire, mehar says stop the recording and out, everyone leaves, abeer says mehar i haven’t finished recording, mehar closes the door and says why abeer why are u doing this, u told every personal thins in ur show, i never stopped u but this diary is mine and not ours, how could u do this and why, abeer says what secret i told everyone knows abt this diary, u always think abt ur ma and bua, u always studied to get job and make ur bua and ma happy, u ran away from me bcoz of them, and what wrong it is if i say u are a good daughter and if u can tell me these things why not them, mehar says bcoz i told them to my husband with a trust that he will never let them out

and understand me but today that person is no more, u are not my husband anymore so don’t try behave like one and today u crossed all ur limits and i never thought u could ever do this, bua feels bad and locks herself in a room, mehar goes to her room and says bua plz listen to me i need to talk to u, bua breaks down crying, suman says mehar let her be alone, mehar sees her moms hand is burnt and goes to get ointment.
Bua thinks abt mehars sacrifice and abt her diary and feels sad, mehar says abeer u have no idea what have u done and today u have let them down in front of me and i cant never ever bear that pain and its all bcoz of u, abeer says mehar i am not wrong, but was trying to make few things right but u never understood as usual and made me wrong.
Sani and nishi, sani is tensed, sani trying to edit abeers episode, lovely comes and says what to do now no complete episode why, sani says abeer read something from mehars diary and she got angry and burnt the diary, nisar says sir i will do something,sani says yes do do, nishi says nisar let someone be with u whole night to help u, rati says i will stay, lovely says some senior shd stay i will stay, sani says i want episode or i will go mad, lovely says so nisar whole night we two together right rati, nisar decides to take clippings from old episode.
Abeer calls nisar and tells him to control mehar, mehar tells suman how could he read my diary, abeer says to nisar, i did that to show bua that i wasn’t a mistake and to show that mehar cares so much for her bua but bua keeps scolding her but mehar she always blames me everytime, mehar says ma he is not my husband anymore why does he do such things all the time, suman says i am not saying he is right but try understand why he did so to trouble u or to help u, he did this to show me and bua the part of ur struggle we never try see or understood, how could we always pressurize u and not realise it.
Nisar working, lovely touching up, her powder falls down but she ignores it and walks to sani and nisar and asks so whats up and sees rati and purposely goes to nisar and says nisar what will u have for dinner and rati come join us and go order food for nisar, and where are the files, rati hides it and says i didn’t find it, lovely says atleast do one work properly and leaves, rari says sani sir nishi mam is waiting for u, sani says ok help nisar and leaves, rati spreads the powder on floor, nisar asks what are u doing, rati says nothing, lovely comes rati says mam ur file is here, lovely slips on the floor, rati smiles and acts as if she is so concerned and says are u fine mam, u shd go home i think, i will call sani sir, she calls sani sir and says plz drop lovely mam home she hurt her leg.
Bua comes out, mehar says bua plz don’t take it seriously abeer u know, bua says its u mehar and not abeer, u took our love as a burden,i did all for u bcoz i love u , u are my daughter but u took it as a favour and wanted to return it, can u return the love by me and ur ma towards u, how will u repay all the love tell me, mehar says bua its not a favour i know, u did this for ur loved beings and same was i doing, i did to give u happiness , u two saw some dreams abt me and i just want to fulfil them and see pride for me in ur eyes and give u all a stress free future, bua is that just u shd always keep worrying and working hard for us, even i deserve to do something for u and so i did, it wasn’t a favour and hugs bua, bua says mehar u know we mothers always cant see their children grow all big and i am sorry i took u wrong, mehar says no bua, bua says mehar u took burden of our happiness and kept living with it, i need some time mehar and leaves,suman says didi stop i will come with u and mehar don’t cry its all good and fine,suman and bua leave.

Precap: mehar checks from door hole and sees its pinky and hides, pinky breaks the door and gets in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  3. dragging

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  9. Just look at meher’s face… She looks like old woman…her skin is so tubby…..and when she cries she makes faces like igloo…euuu just have a look at her once when she cries and her dresses omg

    1. Close up – Meher’s face – that too cry – euuuuuu… She looks pretty frm a long shot

      1. H. T. Hv u notice the dresses she wear are jst awesm.. dnt u hv any dressing sense…

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