Badtameez Dil 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abeer says ma come i will give u food, taiji says abeer, mehar will take care of madhvi u come with me i will give u food, madhvi says no its fine, taiji says no madhvi let mehar be with u whole night, mehar says yes ma i will be with u, taiji leaves, mehar says abeer u go i will stay with ma, abeer leaves, madhvi says sorry mehar, mehar says ma look at ur hand come lets have food, madhvi says its ur first night go to abeer, mehar says ma u first, taiji comes and says how sweet of u mehar,abeer says see i choose the right girl, taiji says sure u did, and madhvi i will sleep with u tonight kuber is out and mehar u go rest and its fine if i don’t take medicine for a day my BP wont get hurt, mehar says taiji u go sleep i will take care of ma, taiji says only if abeer agrees

to it, abeer says why not let mehar be with ma.
Mehar helps madhvi go to bed, madhvi says thanku mehar, mehar gets msg from abeer, i love u, mehar msgs back love u too.
Next morning mehar goes to her room n sees abeer sleeping, mehar prays god plz take care its my first day today, mehar slowly walks to abeer and puts blanket over him and looks at photos of everyone,and then wakes him up and says good morning hubby, abeer says good morning wify, abeer says one kissy, mehar says first go freshen up i have to make breakfast.
Mehar gets ready n sees abeer still lying on bed, abeer wakes up and hugs mehar and says wow, mehar says abeer i have to make breakfast let me go, abeer says but ur job interview, mehar says i postponed it, abeer says mehar see we have servants here they will take care of house u go for interview, mehar says abeer but altleast for a week, taiji listening to their talks hiding behind door, taiji knocks the door and says mehar breakfast come fast,mehar says i will come taiji and says abeer bye i have to go.
Taiji at breakfast table asks madhvi did mehar take care of her, madhvi says yes she did, whole night she was there for me like a daughter, taiji says thats nice and says kuber see abeers choice so nice, but why isn’t mehar here with breakfast didn’t she wake up, mehar comes with breakfast, mehar serves it to kuber but he denies, taiji says i have cholesterol problem so these parathas, mehar says i know ma told me abt it so i took care of it, taiji says very good i am proud of u,kuber sees abeer and says congratulations to us, for the first time abeer is with us for breakfast, taiji says its mehars effect, abeer says mehar sit, mehar says no, taiji says sit sit or else like yesterday he will pick u in his arms and give u breakfast, abeer says sit mehar,taiji says wait and call all servants and says this is mehar n now onwards i and madhvi have retired n now mehar will take care of u all and so listen to her orders and madhvi i have made a decision today.
Taiji walks to mehar and says these are keys i am giving u whole house responsibility, abeer says but taiji how will she manage all this alone n in sometime she will join job too, taiji says oh i forgot how did i think u will be like normal daughter in laws and u are a educated girl u must be having different plans and so madhvi we have to cancel our retirement we still have to work, mehar says taiji for me house comes first and u giving me this responsisbility with so much trust, i accept it, i will take care of house, taiji says i am so lucky to have a daughter in law like u, mehar takes taijis blessings, taiji says to herself, see how i make u servant of my house.
Mehar working in kitchen, abeer asks servants to do mehars work, and wispers to mehar, stop being perfect daughter in law and start being perfect wife kissy first, mehar says abeer ma, abeer says ma what is this first day u made my wife slot in kitchen, madhvi says stop this nonsense and stop troubling her, mehar says yes abeer go , abeer says how much time, mehar says plz go, abeer leaves, madhvi starts laughing.
Abeer playing guitar in his room, mehar gets him food, abeer ignores her, panditji comes for pooja, taiji asks servant where is mehar, servant says she is in her room, taiji asks n abeer, servant says he is in room too,taiji says ok go.
Mehar says abeer if u don’t eat food, u wont get a kiss, abeer says i am still angry i am doing it for a kiss, and one kiss for each bite, abeer abt to kiss mehar, taiji comes at door n knocks n says panditji is here, abeer gets angry n says coming taiji, mehar says see u eat food i will go down, abeer trying to stop mehar by mistake tares her dress.

Precap: abeer says to mehar, next flight and for next 7 days together, mehar says abeer there is a problem, taiji asked me to keep distance from u for seven days.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Khwabo ke koi kinare nhi hote,
    Soch ke koi samandar nhi hote.
    Agar honsla ho kuch krne ka to..
    Andhi-tufan bhi hame jhukha nhi sakte..!!

    How’s it guys?? 🙂

    1. Hey clara its good dear 😀

      1. @kfar thank u so much!! Means a lot coming from you. Btw where are u going to post your story further?? Can’t u upload it on the Bhabhiji Ghar Par He page??
        I’m too eager…waiting for ur story..!

      2. Im on desitvbox mmz fan page yaar pls u al cm der i couldn’t find anyplace else

  2. Hate taiji love mehbeer……..

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  4. I am confused .
    I had stopped watching the show three weeks ago.
    So can anyone can tell me what was going on.
    Today’s epi was nice.

  5. Nice poetry Clara.

    1. @Rumaira Thanks 🙂

  6. Badtameez dil is going to end.
    Not fair!

  7. Plss don’t end such a beautiful serial,,!,,! Ist nauc then mmz n Now my too fav. Serial PHIR BHI NA MAANE…. BADTAMEEZ DIL##@@@&&%%$ %sucha fabulous actors and lead pair amazing chemistry###%%% plss its a humble request sp,,!!,IT IS SAID TO END WITH MEHBEER REUNITING

    REMEMBER ONE THING U NEEDED TO LOG OUT AFTER THE U SUMMIT UR PETITION. THIS WAY U CAN AGAIN GO TO THE SITE N SIGN AGAIN WITH ANOTHER EMAIL IF U HAVE OR USE UR MOM, DAD, BHAIBHAI, MA MA, MAMI, CHACHA, CHAHI WHOMEVER EMAIL U KNOW SO THAT U Increase the number of people who have signed it. I have signed it with my two email n even used my mom, dad n, bhai’s email to sign it. PLEASE AFTER SIGNING IT REPLY WRITING THAT “I HAVE SIGNED N also how many u signed in number” like I signed 5 times but yes don’t forget to log out or else u won’t be able to sign it again by another email.

  9. Hai bd fans
    If u really like to see our lovely couple some more time pls call starplus and ask for a time slot change
    Actually the story is now moving slowly , so I don’t think it is going to end so soon
    Also asmita aka meher has told that the final decision is yet to be taken on Monday.
    Also saurabh sir in his last tweet had also mentioned that the show is not ending , may be he will be trying for a slot change
    Also now they are showing more of saas bahu drama which is trp aunties favourite.
    So guys gear up ,make a phone call to sp and u can also log in to twitter.

    1. please whatever you are saying is right and bd continues with change in time slot

  10. ths s so unfair!!! bt i guess d new show s gna b osm!

  11. It ended(our manmazian).I wanted to write something there.but it finished!!!!
    @farha,r u here????do u know it story is so good that I think have to copywrite it to get 1000 dollars per week????ha…ha….how will it be????don’t worry,i m ur friend,never ever will do it.but I fear some silent strangers may do this cheap work…so plz take some security,okkk???
    I m writing for all f my writer friends,plzz take care of it awesome story.
    plz tellyupdate team,don’t delete this message for my friends.plzz don’t as its my last message for my friends.plzzz??❤??

    1. Oh my god ireeena u r here Oh my god friend I had cried hard wen i saw our comment section closed just now. Feel so bad…

      n u just made me smile hahah yeah thanks my dear friend for caring so much i hv indeed had it copyrighted. safe n sound under publication…

      Hey but our page dear feel so sad yaar

  12. Plzzz plzzz don’t end such a awesome Story!!!! Lub u MEHBEER###

  13. R tey gonna end this serial?????

    Riya r u saame persn who writes in mmz updates??????

    1. yes dey r endin dis show toooo

    2. No yaar
      I have started writing only for bd

  14. love bd… mehbeer…..nice episode….. both were adorable…..sp don’t end this beautiful serial please….its my favorite…..#dontendbatmeezdil……please

  15. Much toh he in tere mere dermiyaan promo added in starplus

  16. Sry Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan promo added in starplus

  17. noo plzz…nt again…already sp hv ended manmarziyaan nd nw badtameez dill…..
    plz dnt end ths serial…ths serial z far bettr than tht saas bahu serials…

  18. I hate tai g……I hope meher will get well soon

  19. it’s a message for star plus.u don’t even know what stupid deed u r doing by closing badtameez first u did it with our lovely manmarzian.and don’t do same with our badtameez dil.we don’t need a good time slot.we r happy with any slot.plz don’t end it.
    u r nt getting the point.if badtameez dil goes on,within a short time it will be on first on online trp*which I think*.and according to me,shortly it will win in real trp chart also.
    if u can’t afford it,plz handover it to other channel.u can handover itbut sister project on LIFE OK.

  20. don’t u dare to end this show if this show is ebd I’ll never watch Ekate Kapoor show. Never mind which sgow is that

  21. Hey all……..
    I searched Bhabhiji gher pe nhi he first. I was not able to see any option to comment.
    I got so worried that I lost track of you people. Just then remembered Farha’s suggestion and checked for this page….Thank God.
    Love you all. Will post next episode soon. My phone data got killed. That’s why couldn’t post…….
    @Strawberry- I am glad that you liked the story so far. Thank you..

  22. I am also coming over to desitvbox mmz fan page..

  23. If sp is gonna end this show too, then i am done with them. I watch colors show ‘ISHQ KA RANG SAFED’.It going great.
    If they have made up their mind, I have also ,made up my mind to stop watching sp after BD. Good bye you stupid channel. Your trp will worsen and be dead if you are not taking care of the feelings of audience. You will get to know its taste soon. I am sure.

    1. Hey anaya glad that I foud here 😀
      N thanks for coming der!!!!! Pls all of u mmz guys come up derrrrr

      And pls don’t end BD, dis is the only serial I watch after mmz, why is that with such good actors, music and story line it is still going off air. All you aunties pls watch dis show too na oder than watchin those sb shows. We need increased trps..everyone watch dis showwww

      Well, I tried.

  24. Hey, guys , I am a silent reader from dym .

    Hey kfar really liking your stories. please write it on mmz desitivbox fan page deepa also complete her story there.

    Strawberry and other friends samiha and all others waiting there.

    Hey guys irrena , kfar, and all mmz fans we can go there and share our thoughts

    Hey ananya are you the same from dym telly updates , coz really liking your story but the page closed you can write the story on desitvbox mmz fan page .

    Guys if you find any other place then please let me know also. I really like all yours narrated stories.

    Love you all

  25. All fans of mmz and bd ;;!?(()) hatss off to u all guys be live 100 of years!!&&%$# lub u all and our favourite bd alsoo

  26. All fans of mmz and bd ;;!?(()) hatss off to u all guys be live 100 of years!!&&%$# lub u all and our favourite bd alsoo plsss do it for me

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