Badtameez Dil 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher, Ishaan and Akshat coming back from Abeer’s house. Akshat tells Ishaan that he want to talk to him and asks him not to talk to Abeer from now on. Meher says no. Ishaan asks why? Akshat says you likes mummy and Papa together, but Abeer uncle doesn’t want us to be together. Meher asks what you are doing? Akshat says Abeer wants them to be separated, and asks him not to talk to Abeer. Ishaan promises and goes to his room. Meher says these talks will have bad affect on him. Akshat says did you able to handle things till now? No. Let me handle it. I am doing this for Ishaan’s betterment.

Later at night, Akshat and Meher are restless in their rooms. Meher gets Abeer’s call. She cuts the call, but Abeer calls again. Meher picks the call. Abeer tells her that

he is having leg pain. Meher says I can’t do anything, just leave it. Abeer asks her to come fast as he can’t be able to put her leg down. Meher says she can’t come and asks him to help himself. Just then Meher comes to Abeer’s house. Abeer gets happy seeing her and asks her not to leave him being his neighbor. Meher smiles. Abeer says he needs to go to loo. Meher helps him go to washroom. Abeer makes noises and says he is feeling peace and enjoying. Meher thinks he is weird. Abeer comes back and asks Meher to hold him. Meher helps him sit on bed. Abeer asks her to put ointment on his leg else he won’t be able to sleep.

Akshat comes to Meher’s room and apologizes. He sees her missing from bed. He comes to Abeer’s house and sees the door open. He sees Meher applying spray on Abeer’s leg and then massaging with her hand. Abeer feels relieved. Meher tries to speak to Akshat. Abeer asks if he was doing wild imagination and asks what do you think we were doing? And laughs. Akshat asks what you are doing in his house at this time. Meher says he was injured and says she helped her as a good neighbor. Akshat says Abeer is thinking he is real dad and wants him back. She asks him to stop being insecure and says he is injured because of him. Akshat says I can’t ignore him as he wants to marry you. He asks how to ignore him? Meher asks if you have any solution? She says she did a mistake by joining groove channel. She says you told me to face the truth and says she is tired now. Akshat says he is blackmailing us that he will tell Ishaan that he is his real dad. He says we shall tell Ishaan about him. Meher refuses. Akshat says then think that we will marry. Suman calls Abeer and tells him that Meher and Akshat are fighting. She says you would have enjoyed if seen it. Abeer asks her to tell what is happening there. Suman says bye and disconnects the call.

Abeer comes to watchman and asks if Ishaan came here while playing. Watchman says no. Abeer gets Kuber’s call. Kuber says you have become dad and I have become dada. Abeer says I couldn’t become dad fully and you are happy becoming dada. Kuber asks about Ishaan. Abeer sees Ishaan coming and tells him good morning. Ishaan ignores him. He asks do you want to separate my papa and mamma. Abeer says I came here to unite your real papa and mamma. He says he is lying? Ishaan says my papa is really good and never lies. He brings toys, gifts for me, and says I will not talk to you else my papa will get angry. He sees the gift and gets happy. Then he sees Akshat coming and returns the gift. Akshat asks did you talk to him? Ishaan says no and says he brought gift for him, but he didn’t take. He asks him to buy cycle for him. Akshat promised. Abeer thinks Ishaan is like him and thinks to find a new way to meet Ishaan.

Kuber talks to Abeer again and asks him to come to office. Abeer says let me become dad first and then your number will come. Kuber asks what do you mean? Madhavi said about your son. Abeer says he has a son and talks about life. Kuber says I want to meet my grand son fast. Abeer says you was not excited to meet me. Kuber says he want to see how he walks and etc. Abeer says he is same as me. Abeer is in Ishaan’s school. Principal comes and asks him to come to cabin. Rati asks Kuber if Abeer has a son. Kuber says yes. Rati says if Meher is mum of the boy. Kuber says yes and Abeer is his dad. He says he wants to see his grand son. Rati congratulates him and asks why you are looking happy as you never like Meher.

Kuber gets up and says everything is changed after this news. He says I want to forget everything and want to give bahu’s rights to Meher once again. He says we all will be very happy and a happy family once again. Rati thinks her family can’t become because of Abeer and you will see what I will show you. Abeer meets Principal and leaves. Ishaan is bullied by the seniors in the school premises. Ishaan cries. Abeer sees everything. His senior asks him to apologize. Ishaan apologizes. The seniors push him on the ground, laughs and goes. Ishaan calls Akshat and tells him that a boy pushed him and threw his bag. Akshat asks him to complain to teacher. Ishaan says no and says I didn’t do anything. Akshat says you have done something and that’s why refusing to complain to teacher. Ishaan says no. Akshat says I will come to school to pick you up. Meher says she will go and pick him. Abeer comes to Ishaan. Ishaan hugs him and cries.

Abeer tells Ishaan that this world is very bad, even if you don’t indulge in any argument. He says if you get scared then people will not let you stay. He says fear is a disease and asks him to fight back. Ishaan decided to beat the boy and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice precap abeer is too cute pls meher accept abeer

  2. Awesomeeeee… the scenes of abeer and ishaan. <3
    hate that akshath to the core but I am sure meher will misunderstand abeer when ishaan will hit his senior

  3. I want abeer

  4. As well as nice epi..

  5. How cute father-son relation. Abeer really love and care for ishaan. Meher should accept him. Unite meh beer and ishaan.

  6. Wow..kuber Accepted Meher and Ishaan..I am Surprised..
    Akshat I hate u to the core always trying to create fight between MehBeer….Abeer pls yaar teach some good lesson to this Stupid Akshat I am waiting to c dis..and I am sure he is doing all this drama to marry Meher..hate u..I am sure Abeer will bring Cycle for Ishaan..
    Precap looks good and interesting..i am waiting for next epi..
    Love ❤ and miss u MehBeerAn and BD..

  7. I miss u barthameez dil and miss the rockstar and meher please come back to star plus

  8. Isn’t kubar accept meher .i cannot believe .kabuttar and langoor akshat i hate whx u come inbetween of 2 lovers

  9. Akshay does not stand anywhere infront of Abeer.
    Get a life Akshat you are not even a good dad.
    We all hate u

  10. Hate that stupid witch rati I just hate her
    Nd anaika r u the same anaika who is writing a ff of love crosses twice

  11. Jst superb episode….abeer was rocking…..n i hope that meher will understand u abeer….
    i hate u akshat

  12. Gud kya huva akshatko, he is asking mehar to get ready to marrage wat happend next ,they r marrying

  13. Kabuthar langoor ko bulo guys coz its good to c ISHEER (abeer and ishaan) BONDING and V all should talk about only father-son bonding …… They both are grt together …. Hope now this fight should not B used as a turning weapon by langoor …

  14. hey happy diwali PEEPS i PEARL LOVE my favourite show BADTAMEEZDIL and MEHBEER

  15. Abeer u r awsmmmmmm.. when akshat saw u nd meher.I loved that expression

  16. Abeer u r awsmmmmmm.. when akshat saw u nd meher.I loved ur expression

  17. Wow kuber accepte meher…i hope he is genually changed….

  18. Waiting for next epi… Mehbeer rocks!

  19. in which channel is badtameez dil aired? and which time?

    1. It airs exclusively on hotstar.. U can watch it anytime..

  20. Aaj ki epi ko post kijiyena pleaze

  21. Yeah m the same Anaika
    My ff Love Crosses Twice. And You Only Love Once
    Mehbeer rocks ✌

  22. Yeah Anu m the same Anaika. Wrote ff
    You only love once and Love crosses twice..
    Keep loving Mehbeer ✌

  23. Post tdy epi plz…

  24. Son dad love…nice epi….

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