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Badtameez Dil 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar thinks of abeer to convince nisar, and calls him. Next day mehar reaches office, jawahar doesn’t allow few guys for audition, mehar ignores the scene and goes to recording room, sani says see my new talent he is very good and he is better than abeer look there palash, sani says palash start ur singing, palash sings a song, abeer joins him and sings along with him and makes everyone realize that palash has robbed the music from old song, abeer says this song is from movie train and music by R D Burman, u need to have originality, u shd study them and not rob their master piece, abeer calls nisar in the recording room, nisar enters, and abeer says people have questioned ur talent its time answer them and show ur talent and make sure its rocking, sani starts yelling at

palash and asks him to get out, abeer looks at mehar and smiles, jawahar pushes palash out of the office.
Nisar begins his song, rati hides and listens to the song, nisar sings very nicely with full emotions , abeer goes to sani and asks him to see nisar sing on the screen, nisar sings song yadein teri, rati blushes seeing nisar sing, everyone in office enjoy nisar sing, everyone applaud when nisar finishes his song, lovely asks everyone to go back to work, abeer says sani sir never under estimate anyone, sani says ya ya and leaves.
Nisar introduces himself on his new 9 pm slot and says I will try very hard to plz u and so this is me nisar and u will hear me now onward s at this slot. Rati says nisar he sings very well, nisar says thanku rati, rati says u shd sing love songs u will be better, nisar says ok sure, rati says u sing very well even better then abeer sir, nisar gives her flower and says thanku rati and leaves, rati is very happy.
Abeer goes to mehars office, and looks at her and smile, and says its so hot here, and goes near mehar, mehar says what u want, abeer says talk like yesterday plz,I just couldn’t handle the sweetness plz, mehar says these habbits make u very nonsense and it was professional and not personal, didn’t u see sani sirs choicee and so for company benefits I took ur help, did u want someone like palash to sing on ur slot, abeer says ya ya this is for company I know, but plz talk sweet for company sake plz, mehar says plz abeer help me for company sake and convince nisar, abeer says mehar these have no emotions cmon, mehar says go away abeer, abeer says now we are equal, mehar asks what, abeer says u helped me in Elton sir case and I helped u in nisar case so favor equal and if sani had chosen anyone like that palash it was u who would be at loss first so it means I helped u and so we are back on track mam,rati comes and says nishi mam has called everyone in conference room for celebrations.
Mehar congratulates nisar, everyone at office celebrate nisar as their new singer and gets cake for nisar, nisar waits till abeer comes and when abeer enters he smiles at nisar, nisar cuts the cake, nisar gives first piece to abeer, abeer hugs him, nisar says thanks bro, nisar gives sani cake, sani says congratulations nisar, nisar gives mehar cake, abeer looks at mehar and gives wicked smile, nisar gives everyone cake except rati, rati signs mehar, mehar gives nisar a heart with his name and stars and says nisar a very big fan of urs gave u this , nisar says wow who , mehar says find by ur own.
Sani says sorry to nisar and abeer, abeer says sir mehar mam taught me company first and then issues, right.

Precap: college days, abeer decides to give mehar alcohol mixed in cold drink.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    1. Ikr hes so hot. Hes to die for ??

  1. very nice show….yadein teri ….sweet song …i jst love lead couple..:)

  2. Nice episode .hi myself ahana and i am new. I love abeer.

  3. Luv this show

  4. Can someone post mp3 link for yaadein teri..mehbeer so cute

    1. Go to…..u will get TV serials…click…u will get star plus…..there u will get these songs…..

      1. Thank u valli….

  5. Hi frnds h r u?

  6. hi every1 I am. new here …. I just luv abeers cute smile n abeer n meher have a great chem onscreen

  7. Awesome…

  8. Awesome jodi

  9. In some segment i watched dat D actor playing nisar will play grey shed character in badtmiz dil.

  10. Hy su di
    hy anu

  11. Hi dia dr….

  12. Downloaded yaadien teri song nd i m love with this song
    fab song

  13. I think slowly Nissar will show his real fer ace and he could be the reason for their break up. Meher will use Nissar instigate Abeer. Abeer will overcome everything with a smile. Abeer is awesome by his acting, charming and cool smile. 🙂

  14. ok i think no one is here bye

  15. i am back after so many days and there is no one ok……..

  16. Oh God Abeer u r so wicked how can u do dis to mehar, u were shaurya goenka part 2 in college days huh ?✊?✊??????????

  17. Intresting epi

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