Badtameez Dil 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badtameez Dil 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mehar asks sasha where is abeer, sasha says abeer met with an accident, he is fine we have admitted him, mehar says take me there plz, madhvi says call abeers dad, sasha says relax nisar has informed abeers dad, sasha takes everyone near a temple, mehar sees abeer standing in front all fine n smiling, mehar rushes to him n hugs him n starts crying, abeer says i am fine chill, madhvi says are u fine abeer, abeer says yes ma, mehar says are u mad is this way to play pranks, are u out of ur mind, abeer says enough calm down, we are in temple n we shdnt quarrel, mehar says then what shd we do, abeer says how abt marriage, abeer says listen to me before u freak, taiji wants a big bash wedding but that will be unfair for mehar, so since i want to marry mehar i will marry her

here and we have elders blessings too, mehar says abeer this is not right, abeer says mehar i promise u i cant be without u, and mehar can u live without me, mehar nods no, suman says abeer all u saying is right but this is not right, abeer says but this is the only way n i will handle taiji n papa and we have ma here too and taiji knows i am mad so she will understand me, cmon ma say yes this is the only way to have mehar in my life.
Mehar says abeer this is not right, madhvi says i know this is not right but this has to take place abeer is right,but we all will manage and after all the result will be happiness in form of mehar, abeer says mehar u want to marry me right, mehar says yes but, abeer says then trust me and marry me, suman n bua agree, mehar agrees too, sasha says mehar don’t u want to get ready, don’t worry all is managed, nisar comes with wedding outfits, mehar and abeer get ready for wedding.
Abeer sees mehar struggling with her lehnga, he bends down and makes it right, and says when my buttons will break u will stitch it right so why cant i help u.
Abeer n mehar exchange garlands, and the pooja begins, abeer n mehar take pheres. abeer says to mehar u know right, mehar says yes u love me a lot, mehar n abeer take elders blessings, abeer sees suman crying n says see how happy she is tears of happiness after all she will get rid of mehar, suman smiles, abeer sees madhvi n says see mehar in other hand tears of sadness u gonna come so, mehar says abeer stop it.
Madhvi has taijis call, she tells abeer abt it.taiji asks servants to remvove all wedding arrangements and says here will be no wedding remove everything, and asks where is madhvi, servant says she is out, kuber asks where is abeer, servant says he isn’t home since last night, taiji says this is fishy and sees madhvi at door, kuber asks where were u, madhvi says abeer and points at door, kuber n taiji shocked to see abeer with mehar.
Kuber gets angry n walks to abeer n says what kind of joke it is, how dare u take this step and u mehar dare u step in, abeer leaves mehars hand and walks to taiji and says plz taiji listen to me, i didn’t tell u bcoz u wouldn’t let me do and i didn’t want to upset u, taiji says but why did u take this step, abeer says i saw mehars ma n bua very tensed abt wedding arrangements, and mehar wasn’t ready to marry like this but i forced her to do so, this is completely my decision.

Precap: mehar enters malhotra house and taiji looks at her with wicked smile.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice show yr..every epi was so goog..dnt end

  2. Is the show going to end plz anyone tell me plz

    1. Ya swetha..last epi on 17th sept

    2. Yes Swetha, its confirmed that the show is finishing on the 19 September 2015.

  3. Nice episode
    Feeling very sad for the cast

  4. Love mehbeer..heartbroken on the ending

  5. The news of badtameez dil going off air has been confirmed by tellybuzz n telly chakar. Even suyash has confirmed it. Well if next week in trp bd doesn’t show more trp than 1.2 at least it will be confirm than fans didn’t do anything to save. Didn’t even watch it on time. We’ll I m not from India n my watching at 8:30 doesn’t count but if Indian fans watch at 8:30 it counts so at least next week it will be confirmed if India has bd fans or not or if bd is only famous in others countries. Badtameez dil ending so may be my last comment. Still hoping if they shift bd to another time slot.
    I don’t see any good show except bd. What message is star plus giving through it’s other shows. Let me tell you. Starting from suhani -don’t divorce ur current husband n start ur wedding preparation. Sathiya- one sister get married to father n her little sister to his son two sister are now mother in law nn motherin law, don’t respect ur mother n call her from her name, yhm – sacrifice everything for her husband n his family n never get appreciated, yeh rista, – the show is plot less, tsm- girls r idiot.,nobody taught Amaya that truth can never be hidden n what is the point of leaving her love n marrying ur sisters would be husband. Hopeless star plus pointless shows.

  6. @ Swetha…..yes its confirmed….its finishing on the 19 September 2015.

  7. no it got extention of one week and last episode will be aired on 28 Sept now
    feeling very sad

  8. please don’t end it yaar I watch each and every episode of bd at 8:30 not even missed its single episode till noe its my favorite

  9. 26 September last episode of bd

  10. yr i can’t understand this stupidity. can anybody tell me what silly and absurd way out they choose for calculating a show’s TRP? bd is enjoyed a lot and loved by heart by a large group of audience of every age group…………at least much more than those boredom creating shows like yhm, suhani ladki, saathiya and all……….i could hardly imagine about the viewership these clumsy melodramas and nonsense monotonies are getting or continued to get in future………’s story has at least some sense and spark which can glued up the viewers…….
    if ekta kapoor’s show will be on air in replacement of bd, then everyone can well imagine her show’s condition on reaching till its last.
    plzzzz make whatever steps possible to let it continue….

  11. They wil not end serial like yrkkh bt y r dhy ending badtamez….. ??? Stupidty.. plz continue the show director…

  12. Plsss sp don’t do it!!! I m big fan of the show it is amazing and if u don’t want to telecast on sp then shift this show to other better channels like popular youngsters channel our CHANNEL[V]!!!!!

  13. Best channel for such amazing youngistaan serials!!! N now u stopped the telecast 3 pm repeat.. Y do u do sp with loyal and big fans!!! Its good that sp has gone on 2nd position
    After stopping mmz and colors is in first position!!! And now u end bd then u will definetly going to last position for sure!!!

  14. Its so sad to hear tat d show is gng off air soon nd senseless shows like tere sheher mein still on…jus becoz tsm enjoys a big production house support,rajan shahi doesnt mean tat star plus doesnt end tat worthless serial…tsm ratings r lower than bd..cant star plus c d amazing fan following base of BD…y does sp want only saas bahu saazish nd drama type serials in its channel…d worst decision by sp…D lead pair of BD are so lovely together nd do such an amazing acting…nd d plot is so pure nd different…but sadly due to some baseless trp ratings my fav show is gng off air..i am gng to stop watching star plus aftr bd’s last date..

  15. You know, starplus’s tagline/motto is ‘Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi’ and I don’t see any ‘Nayi Soch’ here. I cannot believe that shows like Diya aur Baati Hum, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Sath Nibhana Saathiya are running for years where literally all you can see is all this saas-bahu nonsense. Yaa, now I can see where Rishta Wahi comes from because literally the same Rishta has been shown for years! Starplus brought in wonderful shows with refreshing concepts such as Manmarziyan, Nisha aur Uske Cousins and Badtameez Dil. But all got over before one year. Starplus is losing it’s charm…so disappointed!

  16. Can anyone tell whr to complaint abt this stupid channel

    1. Call on this toll free number 1800 3000 7827 to request or at least to shout at them n join twitter on #DontEndBadatameezDil u can find info on phir bhi na maane badtameez dil Facebook

  17. Dear friends, after the end of btmzdil, leave this star plus they always playing with viewers emotions first manmarziyan and now this show……………please leave this channel ……watch Ishq ka rang safed on colors tv its a nice show …………….

  18. I’ll leave Star Plus once Badthameez Dil is off the air. We are all shouting out loud that this is the best serial with story but still they are shutting the show off by saying low TRP. I don’t trust the TRP. These ppl want something else.. May be Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms purchased the channel or the person who makes decision. Because this show is beating all Ekta’s nonsense unethical shows up. Bastards

  19. The TRP is not low as they describe. Badthameez dil is 5th in TRP. Star Plus is lying to promote all their Bakwas serial. to save someone else’s butt they are stopping Badthameez Dil

  20. Stupid channel .first they stop manmarziyan and now battamiz dil.what’s their problem?

  21. Hi ,

    I daily read all ur updates, a active reader but who never commented, just wanted to share my thoughts.

    I feel its good that new serials are ending earlier, we njoy the plot, feel like these stories are related to us and it may have happend to our dear ones. Why am saying is the short stories make as more curiours, stick to TV to watch the upcoming eposides unlike the boring Sathiya, YRKKH. NEw stories are really impresive. there is no need to drag a serial for 3-4 years showing same evil things again and again and same boring plot which is almost played on all the channesl.

    The stories like EHT, Manmarziya, BD they are very intersting, make us curious, think about how society is , predict it , how can we change ourself, whats friendhsip is..

    Njoyed the roles of abeer, meher, nisar , Durga, Dev, Radhika, Sam, Neil , all had some uniquie nature within them, learnt hw friendship should be, showed the strenght how a girl can fight with all odds to get justice to her sister, how the true love will finds way with all the odds in there life.

    I feel if BD is going off air, no need to be sad, u still have the characters in your heart, its good that its ending and we all are connected to story. if it is drageed like other stories, we might loose interest and for our demand they may put something unworthy plots which will make us leave unhappy and it will also follow Sathiya path with unnecssay drama.

    Anyway guys this is purely my opinion and am sorry if i have hurt your sentiments. Thanks a lot for reading this and byyyyyeeee

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