Badi Devrani 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indira tells Reeti not to tells anyone..As if they talked about Degree then things will not be good..Once Vibhor did MBA she will tell to the Puddar family..Reeti tells she is not okay..Reeti tells that her friend Reena because of one lie her life ruined Have to seprate from her kids..Indira tells If Reeti said the truth then her life will destroy..Indira tells atleast to keep quiet..Indira tells please..Reeti cries and hugs her mother..Vidya too cries…Vibhor comes..Kajal tells why Vibhor is standing here..Vibhor tells Reeti’s mother came its not good to go..Kajal hides and listens,,Door open Kajal falls..Kajal tells she brought tea..Indira tells no need of this they will go..Kajal tells atleast to eat sweet..Indira tells someday..Indira and Vidya goes..Kajal tells reeti How her mother went

without waiting…Bilashi eats mangoes..Manbhari comes and tells some time before Bilashi hates the mango and now he love..Bilashi tells its nothing like that he was checking whether Sitaram injected Poison or what..Indira and Divya listens..Manbhari takes Mango and eats tells that it is very tasty..Indira and Divya comes and listens..
Divya tells they daily eat this poison..Let Bilashi eats this poison..Divya tells that thats why daily talk like poison..Daadiji tells Prabha to go and see in Reeti’s room why she ws crying..Prabha tells she dont want to go..Daadiji tells that new bride should not cry its not good..Prabha tells okay. and goes..Vibhor asks why Reeti was crying??Vibhor asks what is this girls problem complain everything..Reeti tells she didnt said about him..Vibhor asks then why she was crying???Reeti tells she was missing her parents..Vibhor asks why she closed the door???Reeti tells because Divya wanted to adjust her outfit..Vibhor tells okay..Prabha asks Reeti why she was crying????Reeti tells that she met after many days thats why she was crying..Prabha asks if there is any problem to tell her..Reeti tells no..
Reeti brings books..Vibhor tells If Reeti want to cry she can..Vibhor tells today Kajal saw and Mother would think that he did something..Vibhor tells that he filled MBA form..But now have to arrange books..Vibhor asks what happened why Reeti is not answering???Reeti turns..Vibhor sees books and asks From where these came???Reeti tells its Antara books..Vibhor tells to put a tag and send back..At 4:30 Reeti awakes and sees Vibhor studying..Reeti sees Vibhor..Vibhor tells he is just checking the books not reading…Reeti tells she known…Reeti tells that Vibhor should study another book..Vibhor tells its nursery level..One book falls…Reeti sees the book and tells that its her hall ticket.. Reeti tells If Vibhor saw it will be problem..Vibhor asks if Reeti is good???Reeti tells yes…Vibhor sees Reeti…

Precap::Vibhor runs behind of Reeti…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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