Badi Devrani 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bilashi and Ghansham sits…Bilashi tells that Vibhor will fail..Ghansham tells Bilashi that Vibhor will pass..Bilashi tells that Vibhor will not pass As Exam is there and he is not at home..Bilashi tells Ghansham to call and enquire where is Vibhor…Vibhor text his teacher and tells that he is trapped..But Reeti dont reply..Ghansham calls Vibhor and asks where is he…Vibhor tells he is studying at Reeti’s home…Bilashi tells Ghansham what Vibhor is doing there,,Vibhor cuts the home..Bilashi shouts and tells what Vibhor is doing there May became servent of Sitaram vihani..Bilashi tells that Sitaram will be happy to have a servant like Vibhor..
Daadiji comes listens and tells Bilashi to shut up..As he is talking about Vibhor not Sitaram Vihani..Bilashi tells that Nikonj

and Parth didnt went without his permission..Nikonj tells yes….Daadiji tells that she will find out..Daadi tells Ghansham to call..Ghansham calls Vibhor..Daadiji asks Vibhor what he is doing at Reeti’s home..Vibhor tells that he is at Naman’s house studying,,Daadiji tells okay..Daadiji tells Bilashi to listen full sentence and shout at anyone..Ghansham asks when Vibhor will come???Vibhor tells that there are many chapter’s and it will be late..Ghansham says okay..Daadi tells Bilashi it is good that Vibhor is at Naman’s house he will study…
Indira and Divya arranges the table..Divya tells to call Vibhor..DIVya tells Vibhor to come..Vibhor comes and sits,,Indira tells that it was late as she made Reeti favourite dish..VIbhor sees Reeti…Indira sees both Vibhor and Reeti and smiles..Vibhor tells that he dont like Brinjal..Vibhor tells he will not eat.Reeti tells why Vibhor promise to keep happy..Vibhor tells that he will ot eat and he is going… Reeti tells why Vibhor take challenge if he cannot complete??VIbhor tells he will eat now..Indira tells Divya to call Sitaram..Divya tells that Daddy is busy..Indira tells she will eat later..Reeti eats and tells that Brinjal is very tasty..Indira tells that Sitaram too dont like this dish but will eat…Indira gives Vibhor favourite “Aloo Paraytay”..Indira tells that For Reeti’s happiness Vibhor ate Brinjal that is too much..Divya asks will Vibhor drink coffee..Vibhor tells no..Divya tells Reeti that today Vibhor gesture was very cute..Reeti thinks all the moment spent with Vibhor..Divya tells that now she also want to marry seeing Reeti..Divya tells that Reeti only completing Vibhor’s dreams..Divya asks when Reeti will tell Vibhor that Reeti is only the tution teacher…Divya tells today she will tease Vibhor,,Reeti tells no…Divya runs…Divya runs with Coffee and Bumps into Vibhor..Vibhor gets angry…Reeti sees Vibhor..Vibhor ontrol his anger and smiles..

Precap::Vibhor asks what Reeti want??

Update Credit to: Ansari

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