Badi Devrani 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaushalaya and Prabha checks Manisha and Kajal’s room,,Manisha tells that room is clean she always clean,,Press and then keep it..Kaushalaya opens the cupboard and sees Messy clothes…She tells Manisha to clean it.. Manbhari comes and tells all wrong happeend..As otherside of Shop government has declared illegal and asked a fine of seventeen crores..Prabha tells Manbhari why she said infront of anyone..Prabha tells Manisha and Kajal not to discuss with their husband..
Reeti’s mother tells Reeti that the boy is very good,,He is handsome and has a good salary and now opening a hospital,,Reeti feels shy..At shop Jughal and Nikonj comes and tells that government has refuse to take the cheque as the date is four days old..Daadaji tells that the notice has come yestarday..Jugul tells

that they are not listening anything…Daadaji is worried..Antara tells Reeti breakfast food was very good..Reeti finds a purse..Reeti tells Antara that she will give at reception..Reeti opens the purse and sees passport of “SARLA MAHESWARI”..Reeti sees the room no in registor…Reeti goes into the room and knocks..Vibhor opens the door..Vibhor is shirtless..Reeti turns..Reeti tells that room is of Sarla bua ji..Vibhor tells that his Sarla bua room only she exchanged it..Vibhor sees Rajiv coming and tells Reeti to hide..Reeti asks why??Vibhor tells just to do what he said..Reeti hides..Rajiv comes and tells hi to Vibhor..Rajiv tells to let it go..Rajiv tells that he has agreed for marriage as Reeti’s father is very rich and she will give money to open the hospital..And about the character he will make it good in two days..And all friends Sweetu and all will not be anymore her friends..Reeti listens everthing from washroom and cries..Vibhor sees Reeti..Reeti goes out of Room..Vibhor sees Reeti from his window..Reeti walks..Reeti comes in the room…Mother tells that they will do engagement as soon as possible..Reeti is upset.. Vibhor comes and tells that they should refuse Rajiv,,Reeti’s father ask who is he??Vibhor tells he is Rajiv’s friend..Vibhor tells Rajiv is not a good guy..Father tells what rubbish..Vibhor tells that Rajiv is back of their money..And wanted to open hospital by taking dowry..Vibhor tells that In mehandi everyone was buzy Rajiv took Reeti’s phone because he thought Reeti is in relationship with someone..Antara asks why Rajiv is telling all this to break the relation??Vibhor tells that whatever he felt he said…

Precap::Bilashi sees Reet and gets angry

Update Credit to: Ansari

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