Badi Devrani 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti smiles..Reeti tells how to say Vibhor..Reeti calls Divya..Reeti tells she forgot today is mother’s Birthday..Divya tells Reeti to bring Vibhor also..Reeti tells Divya to send the driver…Divya tells okay..Reeti cuts the phone..Reeti tells she forgot that today is mother’s birthday,Reeti tells she will ask Daadi once..Manbhari talks with Daadiji..Reeti comes and listens..Daadiji tells Reeti to come and sit..Manbhari tells that Megha college people organise a party for small children So she wanted to go..Reeti tells its nice Megha is going for a good cause..Manbhari says that She cannot send Megha alone as its dangerous..Reeti tells Daadiji that she have to go her parent’s house..Daadiji tells that Reeti dont have to take permission..Daadiji tells Manbhari Megha should should

be married..Manbhari tells that Daadiji is right..Reeti asks what type of Boy Manbhari want..Manbhari tells that she want a boy who is rich and had a huge car..Daadiji tells Reeti to go to her parent’s house as Manbhari will not stop talking…Reeti says Daadiji that she will drop Megha..Daadiji tells why not..Reeti goes in her room..Reeti tell Vibhor that she is going..Vibhor tells that this house women should not go without permission..Vibhor tells that he will be there with Reeti and stay her happy…Reeti tells she already took the permission….Vibhor holds Reeti Saree,,Reeti tells to leave..Reeti bites Vibhor’s hand..Reeti runs..Manbhari stops Reeti and asks where she is going…Reeti tells that Vibhor is not letting her to go..Manbhari tells she will see Vibhor..Reeti goes…
Megha tells some boy that she is coming for lunch..Megha tells that she is coming in her sister-in-law Car..Reeti comes…Reeti tells that one day she will also meet her friend..Megha tells sure…Reeti and Megha sits in Car…Vibhor runs and comes..Vibhor tells that Reeti went in her parent’s car…Manisha tells Kajal one should not keep eye on anyone..Kajal tells she is just seeing How is Reeti..Prabha asks did Kajal and Manisha know where is Vibhor and Reeti???kajal tells she dont know..Prabha goes..Manisha asks why Kajal lied??Kajal tells the matter is between Reeti and Prabha they should not come in between..Manisha sees angrily…Reeti comes sitaram house..Vibhor comes and tells Reeti to stop..Reeti tells she know that Vibhor would come back,,Vibhor tells that he came to tells Reeti that no task is bigger than his self respect..Divya comes and sees VIbhor..Divya calls Mother,,
Indira comes and gets happy to see Vibhor…Indira tells Reeti didnt said that Vibhor was coming…Vibhor tells he came to drop Reeti..Divya tells that she will bunk college today as Vibhor came….Vibhor tells that he have to study..Reeti tells that she brought Vibhor books..Divya says Vibhor to wish mother as its her birthday…Vibhor gets shocked and sees Reeti…Vibhor tells “Happy birthday” to Indira…Indira tells thankyou…Reeti tells “Happy Birthday” to Indira..Indira says thankyou..Indira tells her Birthday will be happy If Vibhor wait till they cut the cake..Vibhor smiles..Divya hold Vibhor hand… Divya tells Sitaram to see who came..Vibhor tells Sitaram that he dont know today was Mother’s birthday otherwise he would have brought Gift..Indira tells that Vibhor came is not less than gift for her..Sitaram smiles..Vibhor tells himself that he have to wait until night..Sitaram tells Indira to Invite Ghansham and whole family..Indira tells that she also thought to invite but Vibhor exams have started..Sitaram tells to Invite now..Indira tells its late..Sitaram tells when Vibhor will pass he will keep a grand party..Reeti tells she will keep the Party and all have to come..Vibhor thinks..Sitaram asks what Vibhor is thinking..Vibhor tells that he have to go home as he forgot laptop..Reeti tells that Divya has laptop,,Divya tells yes Vibhor can use anytime..Vibhor sees angrily to Reeti…Reeti smiles..

Precap::Reeti tells Vibhor that today mother made her favourite dish….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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