Badi Devrani 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara tells Vibhor that Reeti is very close to her sister sweety..Vibhor tells that he also small cousin sister’s..Anotherside Rajiv checks Reet’s phone and tells that her friends list very long.Rajiv sees someone messages name sweeto..Reeti tells that once she bunked and saw movie of Randeep hooda Highway and till now feeling guilty..Vibhor tells that he has seen alot of movies…Reeti tells that she lost her phone..Vibhor tells that he will call..Rajiv sees calls on Reeti’s phone and keeps it..Vibhor and Reeti search for phone..
Reeti’s gets her phone…Vibhor tells that his bua is calling him till two times she changed the room,,,Anotherside Bilashi eats food..Bilashi tells that pappad is not good..Daadijii tells that from tommorrow she will keep in mind…Vibhor

tells Rajiv he is too tired..Rajiv tells that Vibhor he didnt liked Reeti..Rajiv tells that may be Reeti has an affair with someone name Sweetu..
Rajiv tells that may be Reeti’s boyfriend name is sweetu as he saw many messages..Vibhor tells that Sweetu is Reeti’s sister and asks how Rajiv know all this??Rajiv tells that he saw Reeti’s phone..Vibhor tells its means Reeti’s phone was not lost Rajiv took that,,Rajiv tells yes..Rajiv tells that this type of girls are not good..Their character are also bad..VIbhor shouts tells who is Rajiv to comment on any girl and tells that Rajiv should feel shame…Vibhor tells that because of Rajiv only he have done friendship with Reeti and now telling like this..Vibhor tells from nowonwards he dont want to involve in any of his matter’s,,Vibhor goes and sees Reeti,,Reeti goes and sits near his father..Reeti asks his father what he is doing???Father tells nothing..Reeti tells to show..
Vibhor’s bua calls Vibhor and tells to give her room,Vibhor tells okey…Antara tells that they will Vibhor what Rajiv thoughts about Reeti??Antara asks Vibhor did Rajiv liked Reeti??Vibhor is thinking..Vibhor tells that he didnt about this matter…Antara how friends they are??Vibhor tells that he has some work and goes..Antara and Reeti is confused..Rajiv tells his parents that he did not like Reeti..Mother tells that Reeti is very rich and Father is very reputated..Father tells that Rajiv can make hospital also…Rajiv thinks…Anotherside..Daadaji tells Bilashi to go to Macau ,,,Bilashi tells its a very big problem and he cannot go..First of all they sended that Vibhor…Daadajii tells Bilashi to go as they are here to see..Bilashi agrees…Maalbhari asks her husband If any problem is his shop…He tells whats to hide in that…Reeti’s mother asks If she have still pain Reeti tells no,,Vibhor eats food and falls kheer,,Vibhor tells that If Taayajii sees will scold alot..Reeti comes and sees..Reeti tells she will help..Reeti sees here and there,,Vibhor asks what she is searching???Reeti tells Soda..Vibhor tells that he was drinking..Vibhor gives Reeti..Reeti cleans Vibhor’s sherwani..Vibhor looks at Reeti..

Precap::Rajiv tells Vibhor that will marry Reeti as his father is very rich and about Reeti’s character he will control in two days

Update Credit to: Ansari

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