Badi Devrani 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor telling Reeti that he wants to spend his life with her and wants her to shift back to his room. She says she will shift, but needs to sort out some tissues first. He hopes she sorts out issues soon and asks her to enjoy samosas. They both enjoy samosas smiling.

Daadi comes back home and asks Prabha and Manbhari how is Reeti now. Manbhari says she is fine and is in Vibhor’s room, if she should call her. Daadi asks her not to disturb Reeti and Vibhor, let them mingle at least now. Vibhor and Reeti come out smiling. Manbhari says she wants to know what they have decided. Vibhor says Reeti will tell her decision. Reeti says she is thankful to them that they love her so much and says though vibhor and she get misunderstandings, but they are bound

with a relationship will respect it their whole lives. She will shift to Vibhor’s room, but has promised herself to sort out issues first. Kaushalya says she is happy for them and says Prabha that they should prepare special dishes and celebrate. Prabha says they will celebrate tomorrow. Daadi jokes that she will go to beauty parlor tomorrow.

Manbhari gets emotional that Reeti will leave her room. Reeti says she knows that she is happy as a mother, but sad as a saas that her bahu is leaving her room. Manbhari with teary eyes says she was happy at least she will get bahu’s love if not son’s, but her happiness is short-lived. Reeti says she will call her maa when they are alone and will fulfill her responsibilities of bahu. They both continue their emotional talks..

Kajal tries to provoke Nijunj that Reeti created a big drama today to garner family’s attention after just a cooker blast. He asks where was she when cooker blasted. She gets nervous and says she was with children. He asks where was her mother. She says mom was in her room. He asks her to tell her mom not to create any problems and says she can play her devrani-jethani drama but inside house, if she takes it outside, they will have to go outside home. She gets nervous and says let us go and sleep. She gets MMS and he asks who is calling her at this time. She says a friend. She sees Reeti’s MMS of her dancing in kali temple and deletes it.

Reeti in her room sends MMS and thinks if Kajal plays dirty game with her, she will expose her in front of everyone and if she walks a step towards her, she will walk 10 step towards her. She will not let Kajal break house with her mom’s black magic. She in the morning reads about black magic on laptop. Kajal comes and asks what is she studying. Reeti says one which her mom Bhairavi studied. Kajal gets tensed.

Precap: Bharavi sends black magic sari to Reeti saying Prabha sent it. Reeti calls Prabha and asks if she sent her sari. Prabha says no. Reeti wears sari during celebration. Bharavi smirks that it is Reeti’s last sari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. kajal and bhairvi are bi***h.. They are so stupid.hope the truth will come out soon…….

  2. Plz stop all negative vibes soon… Eagerly waiting 4 exposing scene n vibhor n reeti romance ❤️❤️

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