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Badi Devrani 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti cries and tells she will not leave this house,Daadiji tells Reeti very good and she appreciate that,,Ghansham tells Sitaram should not have said like this,Bilashi tells to go and tell Sitaram that if he come and apologise then only Reeti will stay in this house..Prabha tells Reeti is right and should give permission to stay in this house,Ghansham says that he don’t want such daughter-in-law,Reeti tells she will prove all of them that a well-educated girl can become good daughter-in law,Daadiji asks Vibhor what is his decision,Vibhor tells that Reeti can get place in this house but not in this room,Ghansham says that Vibhor dont want Reeti then what is the use??Bilashi says yes…Bilashi throws Reeti’s Bag,Everyone is shocked..Reeti cries..Manbhari goes and stands near Reeti tells that she will stay in her house,Her heart is very big and with full respect Reeti will stay here,Manbhari sees Bilashi angrily and takes Reeti along with he,Reeti sees the house..Manbhari tells that her room is very small but heart is very big…She tells Aanchal to sleep down as Reeti will sleep on bed..Aanchal tells she cannot sleep down..Manbhari tells no as she cannot face Sitaram,Reeti tells she will sleep down..Aanchal sleeps,Vibhor cries and thinks how Sitaram insulted him,He tells that from now-onwards no one will insult him,,Vibhor sees the wedding album and throws it..Vibhor asks why Reeti changed the invitation card???Reeti tells someone trapped her,Vibhor tells he dont believe her anymore and goes..He goes away..Vibhor message to Reeti as online teacher,Reeti switch off the phone…

Precap:Vibhor tells Reeti he will become rich

Update Credit to: Ansari

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