Badi Devrani 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajiv tells he will come in a minute…Reet”s mother tell Reeti to try walkin properly as Rajiv is here..Mother tells Antara that she to takecare of Reeti…Reeti and Antara sits…Antara tells Reeti that Rajiv is there..Vibhor tells where Rajiv will go for honeymoon??Rajiv tells abroad…Reeti eats..Rajiv tells Vibhor that Reeti is here…Antara tells Rajiv is seeing Reeti only..Vibhor tell Rajiv that Reeti is seein.Rajiv tells obvious as he is handsome… here..Vibhor tells that he lost his bracelet.tells that will search and come..Vibhor tells will come in a minute..Reeti goes on terrace..Vibhor search bracelet tells that his father will kill him…Reeti tells what to do as Rajiv is coming here only…Vibhor gets his bracelet…Vibhor tells that he got bracelet he came here…Reeti tells its okey…Vibhor asks why Reeti is wearing heels inspite of pain..Vibhor tells to walk on grass will forget all stress and pain..Vibhor tells bye and goes….Vibhor tells Reeti If any boy liked her by seeing heels so reject him..vibhor tells he will go now…Vibhor goes…Reeti smiles…Reeti tells that he is very childish..Rajiv’s parents tells Reeti”s father that they dont care about the incident happened…And If Rajiv liked Reeti then it will be good…Antara tells Reeti to make heart of Hand and close her eyes..then open and see…Reeti sees Vibhor…Mother comes and tells that Rajiv called him on Gulbarga…Antara tells all the best…Reeti comes..Vibhor is standing on boat…Vibhor tells hi…Vibhor tells that he is love with the place..Reeti tells okey…Vibhor gives his hand..Reeti holds and comes on boat..Reeti and Vibhor looks at each other…Vibhor goes…Rajiv comes and says hi…Vibhor tells he will introduce..Vibhor introduce Reeti to Rajiv…Reeti shocked..

Precap::Rajiv tells Vibhor to help him about Reeti

Update Credit to: Ansari

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