Badi Devrani 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells that one time he studied MBA,,Then he can do job easily..Bilashi tells that Vibhor is just lying..Bilashi tells its waste of telling..Prabha tells If Vibhor want to study then what is the problem..Jugal tells that Vibhor is right MBA has a good scope..Bilashi tells that in home no one studied…Daadajo tells that Vibhor’s Daadiji will tell..Daadiji tells that atleast Vibhor realized…Today Puddar family shop is running because of Vibhor How can we forget..Daadiji tells that Bilashi is big in the family and telling Vibhor a kid???Daadiji tells Vibhor to give some time..Bilashi tells that Buffalo gone in water taking 10-20 lakhs..Ghansham tells Vibhor that he is giving one month to Vibhor If he passed in enterence can sit in the shop or else have have to sit in shop..Reeti tells

If Vibhor failed in MBA then he will be insulted…Vibhor tells he agree..Daadaji,,Daadiji and Prabha gets happy….Reeti tells she was scared because of This..Sitaram tells Indira that Mangoes came..Sitaram tells to take this Mangoes at Reeti’s house…Indira tells that Sitaram is worried because Reeti didnt gone Honeymoon..Sitaram tells that they will find out how is Reeti thats a good thing..Reeti comes in Daadiji room..Reeti tells Sorry to Daadiji..Reeti tells that Daadiji would be thinking that she is careless missed the flight..Daadiji tells that she was also worried about Vibhor..Daadiji tells If Life have to be balanced once have to compromise…Daadiji tells that she left her hometown..Reeti tells Daadaji didnt compromised??Daadiji tells that Daadaji in the starting was strict but slowly slowly they understood..Daadiji tells that Reeti is big in age Everyone talks about it..But If the Husband is alot bigger in age no one tells..Daadiji tells that Vibhor is smaller in age as well as stupid has no responsibilities..Reeti have to realise VIbhor..Reeti tells that Doing MBA is not very easy..Daadiji tells to think that its Reeti’s exam..Daadiji have to become Vibhor’s friend..Daadiji tells that will get the reward..Reeti folds the Saree and tells she will also balnce her life and Vibhor will reach his destination..Vibhor’s friend tells Vibhor that doing MBA is not a small thing..As it Books cost twenty five thousand,,Reeti comes…Vibhor friend tells he have to go..Vibhor tells what???From that time he dont want to go..Vibhor sees Reeti..
Vibhor tells because of Reeti all is this happening..If Reeti would have run fast then would have in Goa..Vibhor tells only two ways are there shop or MBA..Reeti tells there is one more way to go and bath..Vibhor tells he will go out and have to arrange twenty five thousand..Reeti tells she will arrange the books…

Precap::Bilashi tells sees MBA book and tells Sitaram sent it..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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