Badi Devrani 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 5th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitaram tells that Vibhor is a third division “BA” pass,If Reeti want can earn fifty thousand and Vibhor cannot earn five thousand,Sitaram tells that Society has changed,First Vibhor should become equal to Reeti and show..
Divya tells that Reeti even buyed the bicycle,Sitaram tells that Reeti will not stay in this house anymore Everyone is shocked,Prabha tells but Bilashi stops her,Vibhor tells he will drop Reeti..Sitaram holds Vibhor hands and tells enough now!!Ghansham comes infront of Sitaram and tells to leave his hand..Daadiji tells stop it..Daadiji tells Sitaram she request to take Reeti when everyone will cool they will talk about it,Reeti cries and sees Vibhor..Sitaram tightly holds Reeti’s hand and takes her..Vibhor turns and sees..Reeti tells one minute as Vibhor is coming,Vibhor comes sees Reeti and thinks all the moments spent with her,,Vibhor closes the door..Everyone is shocked..Reeti cries.Prabha cries and tells everything is finished in a minute,Daadiji tells that situation was bad..Prabha ask why Reeti gone??Daadiji tells that she will come back,,Bilashi tells to say good as that LOSER went and they will clean the house with holy water,Daadaji tells Bilashi to stop,Ghansham tells that How Sitaram said use-less to Vibhor,,Prabha cries and tells atleast Reeti would have stay here as they love her alot,,Everyone hear something and goes in Vibhor room,Vibhor throw all Reeti’s clothes as he dont care,Reeti tells Sitaram that she will not go..Divya tells that Reeti didnt did something bad..Reeti tells that some-one change the invitation card,Sitaram tells that Vibhor dont trust Reeti even,who talk about bedroom infront of whole family does not deserve Reeti,She tells that she love Manbhari,Prabha and Daadiji also..Reeti says Please to Sitaram,,Kajal asks Daadiji what to do with Reeti’s clothes,Bilashi tells to throw,Daadaji tells to stop and asks what Bilashi is doing??Bilashi tells he will throw away the clothes,,Suddenly everyone is shocked Reeti comes..

Precap::Reeti comes inside Bilashi tells to get out..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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