Badi Devrani 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cab driver stands..Kajal comes and tells to go..Cab driver goes…Vibhor and Reeti sleeps…Reeti gets up and sees the time Its 9:00 am,,Reeti tells what to do now???Reeti tells Vibhor to get up as it is 9:00..They missed the flight…Vibhor tells is Reeti joking??Reeti tells they really missed..Vibhor tells Reeti should woke up him…Reeti tells she didnt heard the alarm…Vibhor takes the luggage…Vibhor pushes Reeti,,,Vibhor calls and books ticket…Reeti tells Vibhor is doing wrong As They atleast would have said all at home…Suddenly Daadiji,,Daadaji Bilashi..and all come…Everyone is shocked..Kajal tells Nikonj to get up..Kaushalya sees angrily kajal..Kajal asks why Kaushalaya didnt woke Vibhor..Kajal tells that she knocked but no one opened…Even If she called but no one recieved…Nikonj tells kajal is right…Bilashi taunts Vibhor tells that what is in that If they missed the flight Can easily book the other,,Daadiji tells Bilashi to enough As mistake everyone do,,Prabha tells Vibhor even she asked that she will awake Vibhor..But Vibhor even said no..Daadiji tells Ghansham to ask and call about Honeymoon package can be postpond???Bilashi tells to explain Daadaji once..Bilashi tells no one will tell anything..As flight ticket money wasted and package money wasted…They could have buyed a computer repaired the door,,,Buyed Gold..Silver and many things…Kajal laughs..Bilashi tells that Father do hardwork and earn And Vibhor waste..Ghansham tells Bilashi enough As from today onwards there will be no complain from Vibhor..Ghansham tells Vibhor to ready and come to the shop..Ghansham tells that its enough that Vibhor has leaved his life according to his wish.. Ghansham tells Vibhor to ready to sit in the shop..Vibhor tells that he will do MBA..Everyone gets shocked..Reeti also is shocked..

Precap::Ghansham tells Vibhor that he is is giving him only one month time…/strong>

Update Credit to: Ansari

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