Badi Devrani 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor gets angry Another-side Reeti dances Music goes in background of “KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM”,,Reeti dances happily Vibhor comes Reeti stops..Vibhor gives garland to Reeti Everyone is shocked..Vibhor sees Angrily to Reeti and tells “CONGRATULATIONS”..He gives all bouquets,Reei cries and tells what Vibhor is doing??Ghansham and Prabha tells is Vibhor is gone mad??He says to ask Reeti,,As Reeti stands between,Vibhor tells he is hurted as Reeti fooled him.Sitaram tells Vibhor what is this insult??Vibhor asks everyone whose this success party??All guest tells “REETI”,Vibhor tells that Reeti fooled them infront of whole Society and tells everyone to clap..Reeti tells its all lie She kept Party for Vibhor..Vibhor tells Shut-up..He shows the Marks-memo and asks is this all a lie??Ghansham asks Sitaram is it True that Reeti did MBA??Sitaram tells yes..Bilashi asks then why did they hide??Daadaji tells All guest to forgive them and Party is Over..Reeti gives Vibhor water and says that he has misunderstood they will talk later,Vibhor throws the glass..Daadaji tells Vibhor what is the need to Insult Reeti in-front of Everyone..
Ghansham tells what wrong Vibhor did??Why they hide such big thing??Ghansham tells not to talk loudly with Vibhor,Bilashi says he was right that Sitaram bihani is a hidden snake..Reeti tells Bilashi cannot insult her Father,,Reeti tells yes she did MBA and was quiet since marriage everyone teased by saying “BADI DEVRANI” ,If a boy is elder than girl then it matters but If a girl is bigger in age its a big thing..Reeti says that her mother said to hide this thing,,Reeti tells Vibhor did not even asked how the Card changed and may be he did not remember that she is his wife..VIbhor shouts and tells “JHOOT”,,Vibhor shouts and tells that their Marriage is a compromise he did not even touched Reeti, Everyone is shocked!!!Reeti cries…

Precap::Sitaram tells that Reeti will not stay in this house

Update Credit to: Ansari

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