Badi Devrani 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti opens the envelope Given by Daadiji and sees Trip to GOa..Reeti gets happy..Manbhari gets happy ,,,Kajal gets jealous..VIbhor too gets happy..Daadiji tells that she is giving the gift as Reeti cooked very good..Daadiji tells that that CAb will come at morning 4 Am,,And they will be going out for Pooja..Will come in Morning…Daadiji tells that Kajal and Nikonj are staying at home..Vibhor tells that after reaching Goa,,They will seprate..Reeti tells yes but she will be in the same hotel and Same room As she won the ..Reeti tells that to learn from his friends as they are very clever thinking about future leaving about Goa trip..Vibhor tells he dont want to be like that…Vibhor goes…Reeti smiles…Nikonj tells Kajal to eat something as since morning she didnt eat anything..Kajal

tells that Nikonj was eating Reeti’s cook food…Nikonj tells that food was very tasty…Kaja tells the food was very bad She is not understanding why all at home praising Reeti..Gave a holiday trip to Goa They even didnt gone to Darjeeling..Nikonj says that in this home everyone is treated equal.. Nikonj tells that Kajal asked Diamond earings she got that..Nikonj tells to forget that what happened..And at icecream as it was her favourite flavour..Kajal eats ice-cream and tells that business class,,Goa trip…Nikonj sees Kajal..
Vibhor tells Reeti to book cab for herself..Reeti tells that If anyone saw at home it will be problem,,Vibhor tells that No one will be at home and Kajal will not get up..Reeti tells she will go with Vibhor.. Vibhor tells no..Vibhor tells he will also not sleep…Reeti tells lets sleep..Reeti reads Magazine Vibhor tells “SAUJAO,,SOJAO”…Reeti tells to try as much as he want..After sometime Reeti sleeps..Vibhor checks and goes to washroom..Reeti gets up and sees..Reeti assk if Vibhor is going washroom,,Vibhor tells no,,Reeti tells she will lock the room..Vibhor tells he is not in hurry…Vibhor walks here and there and tells “CONTROL CONTROL”…Vibhor walks uncomfortabely…Reeti tells Vibhor to go to washroom..Vibhor tells he cannot trust Reeti…Vibhor plays music..Reeti tells to stop the music as battery will be down…Vibhor walks and sleeps tells to “CONTROL”…Reeti laughs…Reeti acts to sleep..Vibhor crawls hides and goes to washroom..Reeti sees and smiles..Vibhor comes out of washroom and tells happiness is in small things…Vibhor sees Reeti and gets shocked..Reeti smiles..Reeti asks How Vibhor is feeling??Vibhor asks If Reeti was not sleeping??Reeti tells she was just acting..Vibhor tells Thankyou..Vibhor tells Reeti to go washroom..Reeti tells she cannot trust Vibhor..Vibhor says its Reeti’s wish..Vibhor plays music..Reeti tells to stop music..Vibhor tells he will sleep If he stopped music..Reeti tells its okay She will also not sleep..Vibhor stops music..Vibhor falls asleep sees Reeti and gets up…Reeti reads book..Reeti feels sleepy..Vibhor and Reeti both sleeps…At 4’o clock Cab Comes..Kajal gets up and sees Cab..Kajal tells that five star hotel,,Buisness class booking She will see how “BADI DEVRANI WILL GET UP”..

Precap::Reeti and VIbhor miss the flight runs… ..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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