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Badi Devrani 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells that he booked new cycle..Bilashi asks where is the cycle???Vibhor tells that cycle is not available in market..Bilashi says that both husband and wife are making them fool..Daadiji asks what is wrong in that??As Bilashi was only were talking about the mutual understanding between huband and wife..Daadiji tells Reeti to take the money from Taayaji..Tayaaji tells he will be waiting for cycle and the bill…everyone is shocked..Reeti is upset…Vibhor and Reeti comes in room..Vibhor shouts at Reeti and tells he took Reeti’s side because all will blame him till one or two week..Reeti tells Vibhor did soo much for her but to make this house sound proof..Vibhor tells that he cannot take out Reeeti from his life..And before he was really happy..Reeti cries..Reeti tells Vibhor hates

her this much..Vibhor says he is trapped with Reeti…Vibhor asks about thirty thousand..Reeti is quiet..Vibhor tells Reeti to leave him alone..Vibhor goes and sits..Reeti cries and goes..
Kaushalya cries..Kaushalya tells that infront of all Bilashi ordered to bring money from Reeti’s almira..Kaushlaya cries…Kaushaya tells Prabha she dont know how to face Reeti..Prabha tells Kaushalya that it was Reeti’s fault..Kaushalya says that Manbhari only sent Reeti..Prabha is shocked..Reeti chat with Vibhor as MBA teacher..Vibhor text and tells that he was stuck in some personal work..Vibhor tells now-a days he is getting more angry..Vibhor tells his wife is world’s worst wife..Reeti sees the message and cries..Vibhor tells that he angrily said that..Reeti gives Vibhor a task..Vibhor tells he will not do..Vibhor tells that he will not do any task with his wife..As he sees his wife he get angry..Reeti tells that Vibhor have to win over his anger…Reeti tells that second name of MBA is “MAKE IT POSSIBLE”..Next morning Vibhor beats the punching bag..Reeti comes and tells listen..Vibhor hurts his nose..Reeti gives Vibhor ointment..Vibhor tells he will not put..Reeti tells he will tell Prabha..Vibhor tells he is alright..Reeti tells tommorrow morning when Vibhor’s nose will look bad everyone will laugh..Reeti tells that she will say she angrily beat Vibhor on his nose..Reeti laughs Vibhor sees Angrily…Prabha asks did Manbhari sent Reeti out..Manbhari tells yes..Prabha tells with whose permission?Manbhari tells that Reeti is also is like her daughter-in law..Manbhari tells that too Prabha dont talk properly with Reeti..Prabha tells she dont want to learn properly from Manbhari..Prabha tells that Bilashi scold Vibhor she will feel bad..Prabha tells Manbhari to go from here…Manbhari tells when someone tells Vibhor bad she will also feel..Prabha sees Manbhari..Manbhari goes…

Precap::Vibhor tells he will be with Reeti all 24 hours

Update Credit to: Ansari

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