Badi Devrani 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bilashi tells Reeti that he will send the invitation card,Reeti tells that Bilashi can do that,Vibhor walks here and there Reeti asks what happened??Vibhor tells that he dont know the address of his Online teacher,Reeti tells dont worry as his online teacher will come Vibhor gets happy and hugs Reeti,,Kaushalaya and Bilashi counts the Invitation card,Kaushalya asks Bilashi where is Sitaram Invitation card??Bilashi tell that this party is given by Reeti only soo no need to give to Sitaram..At Night the Party starts Vibhor and Reeti smiles and takes selfie Kajal,Nikon,Megha and Manbhari comes in between All of them take selfie..Bilashi bumps into Manbhari,,She shouts and tells to See,Manbhari tells to wait,,Manbhari takes a selfie with Bilashi..Guest comes and gives bouquet to Reeti,,She tells its Strange..Vibhor tells behind every successful man there is women..Reeti smiles..Bilashi tells that the big gift arriving,,Sitaram and Divya comes..Vibhor asks where is Indira???Divya tells that Aunty’s health was not well So she went there,Bilashi welcomes Sitaram and tells to see.Ghansham tells that he is proud of Vibhor and Reeti and they should be together forever Everyone claps..Vibhor hugs Ghansham,,Reeti hugs Prabha..Prabha tells Reeti to Sing a song..Reeti tells she will not stop if she once dance..Reeti dances and sing song “ITTI SE KHUSHI”,,,Vibhor comes and also dances..Megha,,Divya and Aanchal also dances..Manbhari and Swaropchand happily dances..Prabha and kaushalya sings..Daadaji and Daadiji gets happy and sings “ITTI SI HASSI,,ITTI SI KHUSHI”,,Whole family hugs each other and click pictures,,Bilashi tells Vibhor that someone came to meet him,Vibhor goes outside and sees an envelope opens it and sees “TOPPER IN MBA FROM PUDDAR FAMILY” He gets shocked..

Precap::Vibhor shouts at Reeti and tells Everyone that his marriage is a compromise

Update Credit to: Ansari

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