Badi Devrani 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Vibhor tries to see Reeti,,But Reeti moves notherside..Vibhor reaches Macau along with Sarla..Sarla tells that she is tired As kolkatta is also good for marrigae,,Vibhor tells destination wedding is fun as one can explore country and culture,,Vibhor tells to see the bridge..Sarla bua tells that will be in kolkatta also..Vibhor tells that Macau came..Sarla bua and Vibhor reaches hotel…Sarla sees and tells Hotel looks like Rajmahal and it looks like they reach Heaven..People dance in chinese dress and welcome…Sarla tells that she will do her son wedding in Macau,,Vibhor tells why not..Reeti and her parents comes…One boy comes and tells Hi to Rajiv,,Vibhor sees…Vibhor tells its Rajiv??He Met at Sarla bua home..Vibhor tells that Rajiv is a doctor Vibhor tells what his plan??Rajiv

tells he wanted to open hospital….Vibhor tells whats going on??Rajiv tells that her mother came to see a girl in marriage for him,,,,Vibhor sees Reeti’s dupatta and smiles…Vibhor tells this is the girl whom he wanted to see…Antara tells that Dr Rajiv is there..Reeti sees Vibhor and thinks that he is Dr Rajiv..Antara tells Reeti’s mother to meet Rajiv..Mother tells no As Reeti is not well…Rajiv shows Vibhor picture of Reeti and tells this is the girl..Rajiv tells he has sees thirty eighty girl but not liked anyone..If he likes this one will marry..Vibhor tells that Rajiv sounds like judge of Miss india contest..Rajive tells Vibhori is still kid in this all matter’s He will teach him all..Antara tries to open the door but it doesnt open..Antara tells Reeti to stand here she will come..Vibhor comes and sees Reeti,,Reeti sees Vibhor..Vibhor goes…
Sarla argue with the clerk tells that she want window room…As she came from soo far from flight..Sarla tells that If she able to see the view from the room then only she will stay in that room..Clerk tells that he was doing that only…Vibhor comes in his room and tells that here is all is freedom,,No one to say..First time he is without family..Vibhor tells he forgot to call at home…Vibhor tells there is no charging in his mobile..Tells that first will be fresh and then call parents,,,Sarla bua comes and tells Vibhor why his phone is not charged as his parents are calling from that time…Sarla gives the phone to Vibhor..
Vibhor tells hi to father..Father tells why his phone was not charge??Vibhor tells that he was about to call but phone was off..Mother tells to take the charger from the right side of the bag..And not to eat cold icecream.Vibhor tells okey..Vibhor tells to say father messages also because he talk less and blackmails more..VIbhor tells that it is cold here and he will enjoy the weather..Mother tells to take care and keeps the phone..Rajiv calls Vibhor and tells to be ready As there is dinner they have to go..Vibhor tells okey..Another Reeti’s mother tells she is confused for selecting clothes for Reeti…Reeti selects red Dress and tells this is awesome..Mother tells to wear heels As the boy is taller than Reeti..Mother goes..Antara tells that whenever there is pressure of Marriage Reeti will not feel bad??Reeti tells no..As she is concerned about her marriage And cannot deal with Rejection..As in childhood they use to buy good clothes for Doll’s..Reeti tells that no one will like her by clothes but her nature..But her parents are very much concerned about her life partner..

Precap::Antara tells Reeti to close her eyes and open then she will see her life partner..Reeti sees Vibhor…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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