Badi Devrani 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi waking up Kajal in the morning. Kajal says she wants to sleep. Bhairavi shows her flower in pooja thali and says it is her years of black magic effort and she should take this and pray in kali maa temple. Kajal agrees and reaches temple wearing red sari.

Reeti reaches temple to pray and is shocked to see Kajal dancing in front of kaali idol in a bengali style. She thinks if this is Kajal’s true color or the one she shows in Poddar house. She records her dance on mobile. Kajal after dance sees someone hiding behind pillar and starts following. Reeti hides behind tree. Pandit calls Kajal and starts speaking to her in Bengali. Reeti is surprised to hear that. Pandit calls a boy and introduces her as Bhairavi Ganguly’s daughter. Reeti thinks

how can a marwari have ganguly name. Man identifies kajal and asks how is her mom. Kajal says she is fine and is in her house. Man asks where she is married. She says poddar family. Pandit asks if she got adjusted to marwari culture. Kajal says her father is marwari, so she got adjusted easily. Reeti realizes that Bhairavi is bengali and thinks how to tell this truth to Poddar family.

Reeti comes back home and sees Kajal working in kitchen with Madhuri. Kaushalya asks why is she looking tensed. Reeti says she is fine. Kaushalya says she knows she is tensed about Vibhor’s new business and says our blessings are with Vibhor. Madhuri tries to leave kitchen and says she will have to get her son Krishan ready. Kajal says she got Krishan ready and will also drop him to school bus. Madhuri asks Krishan to thank kajal for taking care of him. Reeti thinks though Kajal is bengali, she got adjusted to marwari family and is taking care of them, so she should not get her truth out and spoil her life. Though the truth is Kajal changed her marriage card and spoilt her life for 5 years and insulted her father, she will get answers from her.

Bhairavi with Kajal gets busy in pooja in her room. Reeti opens door and enters in. Bhairavi asks why did she come inside. Reeti asks if she spoilt her pooja. Kajal asks her dare not to misbehave with her mom. Reeti asks if she is the same kajal who takes care of her family and works hard or the one who is doing black magic here. Bhairavi shouts if she wants to see her black magic now. Reeti says she is talking to Kajal and asks why is she spoiling her beautiful married life on black magic.

Bhairavi warns her that she will spoil her life with black magic. Reeti says first see her magic. She holds musk melon in Bhairavi’s style in front of Kajal and asks to look into musk melon if she can see kali maata’s temple. Kajal and Bhairavi get tensed. Reeti asks why is she getting tensed and says still her magic is not over. She says Bhairavi blows ash, but she will blow sindhoor. She takes Sindhoor in her hand and asks how can she become bengali suddenly from marwari. They both get more tensed. Reeti then shows Kajal’s dancing pic.

Precap: Kajal shows her marriage card and asks Kajal why did she change matter and shows her handrwriting proof. Bhairavi does black magic on her and asks whom she is married to. she says vibhor ghanshyam poddar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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