Badi Devrani 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti speaking to her father over phone and telling everything is normal at home now and nothing to worry. Vibhor comes and says he will not take responsibilities. Reeti asks what happened. Vibhor says bua/Kalyani wants him to take over family business, but he does not want to as Nikunj and Jugal are much experienced than him and are taking care of business since many years. Reeti asks him to accept bua’s offer. He says family will keep quiet until bua is here and then they will start fighting. Reeti fills water glass and Vibhor asks him to stop, else water will spill. She says exactly, he should show family that he is busy with his imitation business and does not have time. He says exactly and he has to crack a big deal for that.

During breakfast, Vibhor

tells dadaji that he is busy in his imitation jewelry business and does not have time for family business. Dadiji says family business is his first priority. Vibhor says it is, but he wants to establish his imitation jewelry business first. Dadaji says he is right, once he establishes his business, he can shift his attention to family business. Vibhor smiles at Reeti and she reciprocates.

Ghanshyam takes care of ailing Prabha and asks her to stay at room while he brings food for her. She sys he is very good that he forgave her mistake. He asks not to think much. She says she is worried that Megha will not accept her as mother and will not forgive Manbhari. He goes to bring food.

Vibhor gives money bundles to Reeti and asks her to keep it in cupboard. She asks how did he get so much money. He says some he earned and some saved. She says that means he has started work at full speed. He says yes and says he is going on a meeting and cannot carry so much money. She keeps money in a cupboard but forgets to lock it and walks out of room. Someone enters room and steals money. Reeti comes back but does not see her cupboard. Vibhor speaks to his client over phone and says he is going to crack export business deal and may need money if deal is successful. Reeti feeds him sweet curds and wishes him good luck. Once he leaves, she opens cupboard to keep jewelry and sees money missing. She searches whole cupboard and does not find money. She runs down and asks servant if she saw any outsider coming in. Servant says no. Kajal comes with shopping bags. Reeti asks if she had gone for shopping early morning. She says she did children’s shopping for festival and leaves for his room. Reeti thinks how to arrange money now.

Bilasi enters Kalyani’s room and applies her perfume. She says it is ladies. He asks her to sit and says they are fighting unnecessarily and says she always favors Ghanshyam and if she gives property to Vibhor, it will be injustice for his children. Kalyani says he is thinking of his children, but she is thinking of whole family. He says Vibhor himself does not want to enter family business and is less experienced than Nikunj and Jugal, she should think well before taking any decision.

Vibhor comes back and excitedly tells Reeti that his deal is finalized and once he takes his papa’s signature, he will come and take back money. Reeti thinks how to arrange money now, she cannot even let vibhor lose his big contract.

Vibhor goes to Ghanshyam’s room and tells him that he has cracked an export deal and wants him to check contract papers. Ghanshyam says when a person works with great effort, he will earn money and gets successful in business. He checks contract papers, marks a clause and says this clause is not clear. Bilasi passes by and says it is waste teaching him business and says business comes in blood and he is Swaroopchand’s son and wil not learn business.

Reeti packs her jewelry to sell and give money to Vibhor. Megha enters and asks where is she going. Reeti says she is in a big problem and tells her everything.

Precap: Reeti clashes with Kajal and her jewelry bag falls. Kajal asks where is she taking this jewelry. She says to sell. Family is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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