Badi Devrani 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha ,,Daadiji and Kaushalya comes in the room..Prabha asks how Vibhor phone broked???Vibhor tells that he and Reeti were fighting..Prabha tells Reeti that this phone she gave Vibhor on his birthday..Prabha shouts at Reeti and tells How many times she said to learn..Kaushalaya tells Prabha to be quiet as Reeti didnt did it wantedly..
Manisha asks Vibhor did he hide the phone..Vibhor tells no…Kajal tells where did phone gone…Kajal asks anyone came in this room…Vibhor tells no..Reeti tells yes..Reeti tells Vimla came her for cleaning..Kajal tells that such costly forty thousand phone why will not VImla take..Prabha tells its Reeti’s fault she have sees when Vimla was working..Daadiji tells she also agrees…Kajal tells once they will ask Vimla..Vibhor tells that he

known its not Vimla fault..Vibhor tells its Reeti’s fault..Vimla tells she is not thief..Vimla tells she would not come again..Bilashi tells that Vibhor to shut up…Bilashi tells that Vimla said that she will take something big..Bilashi tells to do one thing put tyres on their house and take it..Vimla tells to call police and they will decide..Prabha tells no need…Bilshi tells wait….Bilashi calls Police inspector and tells..Kajal gets worried..Kajal tells that she hide the phone and Bilashi called Police..Kajal hides and takes Phone Manbhari comes and stops..Manbhari tells that she heard Reeti’s phone is lost..Kajal tells yes..Manbhari tells that Bilashi first time did a good thing by calling Police..Kajal tells but its a small thing…Kajal hides Reeti’s phone near her saree..Manbhari tries to touch..kajal shouts and tells what Manbhari is doing…Kajal goes…
Kajal comes in kitchen and hides the phone..Kajal tells that today everyone will scold Reeti..Reeti tells Vibhor to listen..,,Vibhor tells no..Reeti tells that she known Vimla is not a thief..Vibhor tells that once police will come it will clear that Vimla is not a thief..And everyone will known that he selected the maid will not be a thief..Reeti tells it means that VIbhor wanted to prove his point that why he is calling Police…Reeti tells Vibhor to thinks about Daadaji,,,Daadiji..Reeti tells Vibhor to just tells that he took her phone and lost..VIbhor tells he will not tell any lie…Reeti tells to please say it For Daadiji and the sake of house…Vimla tell she promise of her son that she didnt took the phone…Manbhari tells Prabha and all that Kajal is expecting baby…Everyone gets happy… Manbhari tells Prabha to Say Reeti also about having children..Prabha tells she dont expect anything from Reeti..Daadiji tells this behavior is not good..Vibhor and Reeti comes..Vibhor tells that he took Reeti’s phone by mistake and forgot,,,,Prabha asks is this a joke??Prabha tells first time Police will come in house…Prabha asks what is going on in house?Vibhor tells he will refuse Police..Manisha comes and tells she got mobile..Manisha tells inside the box phone was there…Prabha tells Vibhor that too started lying???Prabha shouts and tells Reeti made a big thing..Prabha tells eeryone to explain Reeti..Prabha goes..Kajal listens and gets happy…

Precap::Vibhor shouts at Reeti and tells to bring his phone..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  2. I am surprised to hear that Poddar surname is Marwari….Im a bengali nd in my knowlegde Poddars are bengali nd that too from erstwhile bangladesh they came to west bengal…i dnt undrstand from wen they became marwari….

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