Badi Devrani 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadaji comes and ask what happened to Bilashi???Bilashi tells to take out the Goggles,Vibhor comes shouting..Bilashi asks what happened??Vibhor tells that in his shirt one cockroach is there,,Bilashi tells to stay away!!!Reeti tells Vibhor to say Tayaaji,Bilashi tells that he is afraid of cockroaches and tells to move away Vibhor slowly goes back of Bilashi and puts cockroach on the necklace bag and moves away,Manbhari sees the Cockroach and shout and tells Bilashi,Bilashi shouts and tells to move it away,Vibhor removes the Cockroach,Bilashi hugs Him and tells that Vibhor is very nice as he removed the cockroach,Reeti takes the necklace bag and hides it..Prabha sees Reeti..Bilashi asks Vibhor where is his bag??Vibhor tells it is here only..Reeti throws the bag..Vibhor gives to Bilashi..Bilashi tells

there was a small suspense,,He gives the Necklace to Daadaji,,Daadaji checks and tells who stupid said that the necklace was duplicate??Daadaji tells the necklace is real..Bilashi tells yes he known that necklace was duplicate,,Manbhari tells that Daadaji said Necklace is real..Prabh gets happy and Bilashi tells one more time he will check the necklace..Prabha tells Reeti that Vibhor said him all and she is very happy that she got a daughter-in-law like Reeti,Prabha cries..Prabha hugs Reeti while Vibhor sees..Next morning Bilashi comes along with Nikonj Everyone sees Bilashi angrily,Daadiji asks where Bilashi is roaming with necklace???Ghansham tells that he is checking the necklace at every shop,Daadaji asks this much drama is not enough??Ghansham tells Bilashi to stop,,Prabha tells to be quiet as Bilashi is elder,,Ghansham tells no as Prabha is his life partner its like insulting him and he will feel the pain,,Bilashi tells Ghansham is following Vibhor’s footsteps How he everytime agree with Reeti’s decisions,,Ghansham says Bilashi from now-onwards stop insulting Vibhor-Reeti and Prabha as he will not tolerate any-more,,Ghansham goes…Bilashi tells he just want one chance to insult him,,Prabha comes into room and cries tells that Ghansham trust him and she lied him,,If the Secret is revealed all relationships will be shattered and she cannot forgive herself,Prabha cries and tells it will not happened anytime..Vibhor comes in the room along with two cups and calls Reeti says that she must be tired,Reeti sees the coffee and drinks,Vibhor thanks Reeti,She tells Vibhor is behaving different,,Vibhor says that before also when he has a fight Reeti advised him and she is a best friend..Reeti smiles.

Precap::Reeti tells Prabha not to scold Vibhor

Update Credit to: Ansari

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