Badi Devrani 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit says Sitaram If Engagment is not done on time..Then it will be bad..Reeti is worried..Ghansham calls Vibhor..Vibhor phone and coat is on the table..Indira tells Sitaram to ask clearly about Vibhor..Sitaram asks Ghansham where is Vibhor..Ghansham tells he will come..Other people tells that again Reeti’s marriage is broke,,At home Bilashi tells that they are insulted and sitaram is taking revenge..Manbhari gets angry tells that nobody invited her to come in Engagement..Manbhari sees Bilashi tells that all happened because of her..Manbhari opens invitation card and write name of Vibhor..
Manbhari slowly puts the card in the table and goes..Bilashi sees the name of Vibhor and gets angry..Ghansham tells Sitaram that Vibhor will come..Divya comes and tells that again not to trust Puddar family..Divya tells Vibhor was not intrested in Engagement..Divya tells that once again Puddar Family cheated them and all relatives are laughing,,Reeti is feeling bad..Divya tells like last time this time family is cheating..Vibhor comes and tells wrong and no one is cheating..Vibhor tells that “Puddar” family fullfill the promise..Vibhor tells that someone locked him in the washroom..Anotherside shown Reeti comes and locks the door..Vibhor tells that when someone opened the door he came to known What is happening here,,Sitaram apologizes behalf of Divya,,Sitaram tells Divya to apologize..Kajal tells that this girl has a very sharp tongue,,,Manisha tells that How Vibhor will tolerate..Vibhor sits near Reeti..Vibhor tells that after the Engagement Reeti have to suffer everyday..Pandit tells Vibhor and Reeti to wear the ring..Pandit tells the finger in which ring has to be put is connected to heart,,First Reeti hve to put in Vibhor’s hand..Reeti puts the Ring in Vibhor hand..Everyone claps..Pandit tells now Vibhor have to put the ring..Ghansham asks for Ring..Prabha tells that she forgot the ring..Everyone is shocked..

Precap:Kajal tells Reeti that she will call her “BADI DEVRANI”

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Just like this serial??? best show wit best cast n concept… Reeti n vibhor r made for each other

  2. Just like this serial??? best show wit best cast n concept… Reeti n vibhor r made for each other ??

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