Badi Devrani 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manbhari accepting that Vibhor is her son and emotionally telling Reeti that she cannot even hug her son. She asks Reeti to promise that she will not reveal this secret to anyone. Reeti agrees.

Reeti goes to Prabha’s room and says she wants to tell her something. Prabha who is busy getting ready for Vibhor’s office pooja says she will speak to her late. She then sees Reeti tensed and asks what happened. Bhairavi enters and asks Prabha why is she not yet ready, guests have already come and pandit is calling her. Prabha says she will go in 5 min, but Bhairavi insists and sends her out. She then taunts Reeti that she must be tensed that Vibhor’s secret will be revealed. Reeti says she can live on footpath with Vibhor, but before that she will

reveal her and her daughter’s secret and will make poddar family kick them out of house. Bhairavi gets tensed and asks if she will take poddar family’s hope from them.

Vibhor takes his family to his new office and starts praising Prabha that his success is because of her. He continues praising her. Ganshyam asks what about him. Vibhor says he forgot him seeing mom. Ganshyam says even he forget babuji when he praises mom and says he still remembers the day when Prabha gave him new born Vibhor and starts praising Vibhor and praying for his success. Bhairavi asks Reeti to reveal the secret now if she dares to. She also announces that Reeti wants to tell something. Reeti says she is happy for Vibhor and his parent’s blessings on him. Bhairavi says she did good by keeping secret and if she reveals it, they will shatter Vibhor and her life. Reeti prays god to show her a way to reveal Bhairavi and Kajal’s secret in front of Poddar family.

Reeti prays god to show her a way to get Bhairavi and Kajal’s secret out. Bhairavi comes with Prabha and alleges Reeti that she entered Kajal’s room and insulted her and Kajal. Kajal says Reeti entered her room and started badmouthing about her. She threw sindhoor on her and warned that she will break her and her husband’s realationship. Vibhor enters and shouts how can she insult Bhairavi and says Prabha that Reeti does not like his success and is in nostalgia of her rich status. Prabha asks Reeti to speak. Reeti stands silently. Kajal asks her to speak truth in temple. Vibhor says she will not and continues insulting her.

Precap: Reeti thinks she will get Bhairavi and Kajal’s secret out on tomorrow’s pooja. Bhairavi tells Kajal before Reeti does anything, they should shut her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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