Badi Devrani 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Moksh trying to console crying Reeti. He gives Vibhor’s diary back and says he likes her a lot. He asks if she does not her hair cut, he will not cut it, but she should be with him always.

Reeti comes out to hall and sees Paridhi entering home silently at midnight. She asks where had she been. Paridhi says it is none of her business and asks her to go and take care of her mad husband and warns not to inform mom.

Moksh wakes up and gets afraid seeing lights off. He calls Reeti to switch lights on. Reeti comes and picks torch from cupboard. He reminisces truck accident and headlights and panics seeing torch light. He asks her to take light away from him and tries to slit Reeti’s neck with knife. Reeti shouts for help. Kadambari enters with her children and gives injection to Moksh to calm him down while Siddhi pleads not to give bhaiya injection. She then applies ointment on Reeti’s wound. Reeti thinks she has to find out secret behind torch light.

In the morning, Reeti comes for breakfast. Kadambari says today is fasting day and she has to eat only after evening pooja. Reeti nods yes. Kadambari then asks where was she when power went off and why did she open main door at midnight. Reeti looks at Paridhi and stands silently. Kadambari starts scolding her and asks not to lie as she does not like liers. Reeti says cannot tolerate anyone’s lies, but herself lied to ruin her life. Kadambari fumes angrily.

Reeti walks towards her room when Paridhi stops her and says if she thinks she will thank her, she is wrong. Reeti says she should go and tell mom about her lie then. Paridhi says she should mind her business and just worry about her mad husband.

Reeti goes to her room and sees Moksh playing with toys. She does not find Vibhor’s pic and asks Moksh what did he do with the pic and starts crying. Moksh gives her Vibhor’s framed pic and promises that he will not touch this pic. Reeti starts crying again. Moksh says he does not like her crying. Reeti smiles and Moksh jumps happily.

Precap: Moksh ploughs land. Reeti asks him to stop it. He pushes her on ground and tries to hit with digger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. atlast i think this was a good episode

  2. Nisha Guchhait

    Please is serial ko abnormal sa normal karo.Vibhor & podder family ki bina isa odience vau dena bandh kar dega

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