Badi Devrani 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor calls Aanchal..But Aanchal switch off the phone…Kajal tells Bilashi..Bilashi tells Reeti didnt afraid of anyone..Bilashi ask did Manbhari sent Reeti???Kajal tells yes..Bilashi tells He will later see the disease Manbhari..Reeti repair’s the phone and comes..Aanchal tells that phone is looking totally new..Reeti smiles…Aanchal tells Reeti not to say anyone that she that it cost nine thousand for Repairing…
Daadiji tells Bilashi that all ritual money is of them..Prabha tells Bilashi is thinking wrong..Prabha tells that First Reeti would have taken their advice..Bilashi tells today Reeti invested hundred of rupees tommorrow lakhs..Bilashi tells this much money Reeti is wasting..Prabha tells Vibhor to explain Reeti..Bilashi tells to learn from him,,How kaushalaya is under of his control..Bilashi tels that first Vibhor wasted many money in Goa trip,,Second lost the cycle and now on phone……Reeti and Aanchal comes…Reeti sees everyone angrily..Vibhor is red with anger..Reeti gives Vibhor phone..Everyone sees Reeti..Reeti tells if she did mistake to forgive her..Reeti tells she just wanted to give surprise to Vibhor..Vibhor shouts and tells enough..Bilashi laughs..Vibhor tell he called already to Aanchal..Vibhor tells he wanted to say Reeti that his phone is Insured..Vibhor asks How much money ??Reeti tells nine-thousand..Reeti tells that Vibhor would have refused..Prabha asks from where money came??Reeti tells “MOU-DIKHAYI”,,Bilashi tells first only he said..Bilashi ask how much money they used??Bilashi tells Kaushalaya to bring the money from Vibhor’s room..Daadiji tells no way as its Reeti’s money..Bilashi tells he is not taking the money just he is counting..Kaushalaya tells let it be..Bilashi says no…Bilashi tells lakh rupees was there where Reeti invested thirty thousand???Prabha asks where Reeti invested the money..Reeti is quiet…Manbhari tells Bilashi may counted wrong,,Bilashi tells yes If Manbhari wanted to count she can.. Reeti tells she invested but she didnt remember…Bilashi tells both Vibhor and Reeti to waste the money,,Vibhor tells that he invested the thirty thousand of money..

Precap::Vibhor shouts at Reeti..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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