Badi Devrani 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarla tells Prabha bhabie that Kaushalya was telling against Prabha to Daadajii and Daadijii,,Prabha gets upset and cries tells that she wanted to go to terrace,,Sarla tells kaushalya that Prabha was telling against her that she run away from works…kaushalya gets shocked..Sarla goes..Prabha and kaushalaya sees each other and laughs…Prabha tells that Sarla was again telling against..Vibhor comes and wears jacket shows to all,,Kajal tells Vibhor to keep Inside otherwise will forget..Nikonj tells that may be in marriage If Vibhor like any girl..Nikonj says that already Daadaji made Vibhor’s Biodata..Vibhor tells that he happy to be single…Vibhor’s uncle sees Vibhor hands and tells that vibhor wife will be very good,,Simple and will change Vibour’s life..Uncle tells that

soon she will be coming in Vibhor’s life..vibhor gets happy…Bindiya asks Reeti that why she is sad still going Macau..Reeti tells because she is not coming..Bindiya tells reeti to go and enjoy as Antara is also going..Bindiya tells that In big big cities small things happend..Bindiya tells may be in marriage some one she meets,,Reeti tells enough now…Nikonj’s daughter is unwell..Bilashi tells infront of them Nikonj is loving daughter as they used to feel shy…Daadaji tells Buaji and Vibhor to go first and next day Bilahsi and kaushalya..Bilashi tells what Vibhor will do going first???Tells that he is small and should stay..Daadajii tells okey..Vibhor feels bad…
Reeti’s mother tells that Reeti is mature,,beautiful but what wrong with destiny…Antara tells not to worry as all will be good..Reeti comes from stair’s Mother tells that Reeti is looking very beautiful Reeti suddenly falls from stair’s..Father runs and holds reeti..Father calls doctor…Bilashi tells that Vibhor made sherwani but will be sitting at home and seeing everyone face…Daadijii tells Daadaji to let Vibhor go..Daadaji tells okey Vibhor can go Macau..Bilashi tells he have to go now..Anotherside Doctor tells Reeti have to rest..Mother gets worried..Mother tells that Some people are seeing Reeti in mrriage and there would be problem..Doctor tells that Reeti will be good in some days…Prabha tells Vibhor to check properly clothes and food are present or not..Prabha tells to charge the phone..Vibhor tells that Phone is also charge and he is also not to worry..Daadijii tells that Prabha is worried because Vibhor is going very far…Daadaji tells Vibhor to wear gold bracelet as people also known that he is son of Goldsmith..Bilashi laughs tells that If crow wears clothes also will not look swan..Bilashi keeps the phone..While everyone sees Bilashi angrily…Bilashi tells he didnt meant that..Daadijii tells now Vibhor and Sarla to go.Reeti comes walking with fractured leg.Reeti’s mother tells Reeti that she dont want this proposal to be rejected..Prabha does Pooja and take greetings..Daadijii tells Vibhor to go..Bilashi comes and stands infront of Vibhor..Vibhor takes ashirwad of Bilashi,,,Vibhor goes..Bilashi tells kaushalya that everyone respect him in the house except her….Kaushalya gets upset…Vibhor sits in car and goes tells Macau is a awesome place..Vibhor sees dupatta of Reeti…

Precap::Sarla bua and Vibhor reaches Macau,,Vibhor tells this is the fun of destination wedding…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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