Badi Devrani 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti wiping Prabha’s tears and saying she has fever. Prabha says if she eats, her fever and body pain will go off, but what about her heart pain. Why don’t Vibhor understand that mother who brings up is more valuable than mother who brings up. Reeti says Vibhor will understand it soon and says she she also likes her kheer and will even Vibhor’s share if she feeds her. Prabha smiles and feeds her kheer.

Manbhari gets fruit and juice for Kalyani thinking if she butters her, she will take care of Vibhor well. Kajal also comes there and they both start fighting. Kalyani silently watches their fight while listening to song and says she was listening to son when they were fighting and says she came here to reunite this family and they can go somewhere

else and fight as she is tired and wants to sleep. Kajal leaves. Kalyani asks Manbhari also to leave. Manbhari thinks she came to butter Kalyani, but she is in different mood now.

Reeti searches something in her room. Vibhor asks what is she searching. She says maaji is having high fever, so she is searching medicine for her. she takes medicine to Prabha’s room and sees her unconscious on floor. She calls Vibhor and other family members. Vibhor comes running and makes her sleep on bed. Doc comes and checks her and says she got high BP due to stress and asks why is she tensed when she has beta and bahu now. Once doc leaves, Vibhor feels guilty and takes care of her. He falls asleep next to her bed. Reeti comes and says she told her vibor will need some time to understand and will come back to her soon. Prabha smiles and says she is her daughter now after what she did.

In the morning, Vibhor wakes up and greets good morning to Prabha. Reeti comes with Prabha’s breakfast and asks Vibhor to go and freshen up while she brings breakfast for him. He says he will feed mom first and feeds her. Reeti says she forgot maaji’s medicine. He scolds her and says he will bring it. Reeti asks her to take bath also. Vibhor says very funny, she wanted to send him from there. Prabha smiles. Vibhor apologizes her and says he is reason for her illness. Prabha asks not to blame himself. Manbhari comes, but leaves sadly hearing their conversation. Vibhor calls her maa and she stops. He walks towards her. She asks if he called her mom. He says yes. She says she was very selfish. He says he is very lucky to have 2 mothers and says now he wants to live happily with both his mothers.

Servant informs Vibhor that Kalyani is calling her. Vibhor goes to her room. She asks how is he. He asks what happened to him. She asks if he ready to takeover Poddar family business. He is surprised to hear that. She says she is more intelligent that Bilasi’s sons, so she believes he will take business to next level.

Precap: Vibhor gives money to Reeti to keep it in locker. She keeps it in cupboard. During breakfast, Vibhor tells Dadaji that he will take forward his imitation business itself. Someone steals money from Reeti’s cupboard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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