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Badi Devrani 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ghansham takes out all jewellery,,Vibhor asks what happened why he is taking out this??Ghansham tells that they are Polishing,,Prabha comes Ghansham asks where is the family necklace??Prabha gets worried and tells its in almira,,Ghansham tells to give,Prabha takes out the duplicate necklace and gives,,Ghansham and Vibhor goes..Prabha cries and tells what will happen now??All will known the truth..Bilashi tells the Goldsmith to check all jewellery properly,,Kajal gives the list Bilashi says one necklace is missing Vibhor tells its in the red Bag,Bilashi is shocked to see the necklace He stares Prabha,,Bilashi tells that the necklace is duplicate Everyone is shocked,,Goldsmith sees the necklace and tells that gold is real but diamonds are duplicate Bilashi shouts saying “WHAT?” Prabha tells this is not duplicate,,Bilashi says his sight is not weak,,Daadiji tells that Prabha is right,,Bilashi tells Vibhor to go and show the necklace to nearby shop Vibhor says that he will not go as he trust his mother,,Daadiji tells no as rumour’s will spread Bilashi tells then let his father come he will only check,,Daadiji tells that he has gone very far…Bilashi says he will wait..Prabha goes..Reeti follows Prabha,,She talks on phone and tells she will give fifty lakh rupees As she dont have money,,Kajal calls Prabha,,Prabha goes..Reeti checks Prabha’s phone and sees Shop name..Reeti sees the necklace asks How much it cost???Goldsmith tells sixty lakhs,,Goldsmith tells he has seen very unique pair As Mother-in-law comes to sell the necklace and daughter-in-law comes to buy,,Anotherside Bilashi tells he is bored of Waiting..Kajal calls Daadiji,,Daadaji tells that it will take time..she tells Bilashi..Bilashi ties the bag to his packet..Reeti takes Vibhor in room,,And tells that she has gone to take necklace,,Vibhor tells its not possible..Reeti says she will explain later as they dont have time and they have to exchange the duplicate necklace with the original necklace,,Vibhor tells they have to do something that Tayaaji should throw away the necklace..Reeti asks who is Bilashi scared off??

Precap::Daadaji asks Bilashi what happened??Bilashi tells to take out the goggles

Update Credit to: Ansari

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