Badi Devrani 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor telling Manbhari that he is going from this house, but will not go to Biyani’s house. He asks with what rights, she asked Reeti to got to her parent’s house. Manbhari cries that she is his mother and sacrificed him for Prabha and runs from there. Reeti thanks Vibhor for taking her side and he leaves.

Kajal gets burger, pizza and milkshake for Kalyani and says she brought oil-free and less spicy food from a restaurant for her. Reeti also brings home cooked food and says she added less oil and spices. Kajal says home-cooked food is bad for Bua’s health. Reeti says she can give restaurant food to bua now, but she will prepare home-cooked food for dinner and tries to leave when Kalyani stops her and she is tempted to hear about home-cooked

food and asks to serve her.

Janmastami pooja starts at Poddar house. Bilasi asks Nikunj and Kajal to perform pooja. Kalyani says their jodi is old and she wants Vibhor and Reeti to perform pooja. Bilasi says they will not perform pooja and asks Kalyani if she knows Vibhor’s truth. Kalyani says she knows everything from Vibhor’s birthday till now. He shouts then she must know property should go to his sons legally. Kalyani asks him to lower his voice and says Vibhor’s birth happened at Prabha’s village and in every document, Vibhor’s name is Vibhor Ghanshyam Poddar, law accepts written evidence than verbal. Bilasi fumes. Vibhor says he does not need anything. She asks him not to interfere. Bilasi angrily leaves.

At room, Bilasi shouts at Kaushalya that he will not let Kalyani rule over them. Kaushalya closes door and reminids him that he lost everything in share market and was even selling shop when Kalyani cleared his debt and saved shop. He says her favor does not mean she will rule over them and continues shouting. Kalyani comes, asks Prabha to keep quiet and then says Bilasi his vocal cords will bursts if he shouts and takes Kalyani from there. Bilasi silently watches her.

Reeti serves breakfast to Vibhor in the morning. Prabha looking at Vibhor asks Kaushalya to taste badam kheer and tell if it has more sugar. She tastes and says it is perfect as Vibhor likes. Prabha gives Vibhor kheer and asks him to taste and tell. He takes spoon till his mouth, but stops and tries to leave. Reeti stops him and says if he does not eat, maaji will feel bad. He asks if she thought about him and leaves. Prabha gets sad.

Precap: Reeti enters Prabha’s room and sees her unconscious on floor. She calls Vibhor and others and Vibhor rushes towards Prabha’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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