Badi Devrani 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajiv tells thankyou to Sitaram for Hospital inauguration..Rajiv’s mother tells that they agreed for the marriage but sitaram Refused..Sitaram tells he would have accepted the proposal but what happened in Marriage Rajiv dont have respect for women thats why refused and tells that blessings should be there..Sitaram tells that he will come in hospital inauguration,,,Sitarm tells he have to go but will send wedding card..Sitaram goes..while Rajiv sees Angrily to Vibhor..Rajiv text Vibhor to meet outside at parking,,,Vibhor sees the message and goes..Vibhor asks Rajiv…Rajiv tells he is happy that Vibhor is marrying..Rajiv tells very rich family Vibhor got..He would have understand on Macau only that Vibhor was flirting with Reeti..Vibhor tells Rajiv that he is marrying because to save the

shop..Rajiv tells Vibhor to run away as now problem is solved,,,Rajiv tells Vibhor not to do sacrifice..Indira tells kaushalaya to drink..Indira tells Prabha to sit,,Prabha shouts angrily saying let it be…Everyone sees..Prabha tells the will do the work and go..Prabha gives the clothes to Indira..The other people sees and tells that Puddar family are not happy..
Daadijii comes and tells Prabha what she is doing..Daadiji tells Indira to call Reeti..Indira goes..Daadiji tells Prabha atleast to act..Prabha cries and tells How a mother can act seeing her son unhappy..Ghansham tells he have to do a call..Keys falls from Ghansham’s pocket..Vibhor gives to his father…Ghanasham thinks how kedarchand was taking the shop..Vibhor comes and Burns the paper..Bilashi gets shocked,,,Vibhor tells Kedarchand that Time changed,,Bilashi tells why he came???Vibhor gives the new paper’s to Kedarchand..Vibhor tells that it is written on paper’s that it is legal paper’s of shop..And from today kedarchand dont have any right on his shop And from today onwards shop belongs to Puddar family..Kedarchand tells that they have played with him,,Vibhor tells that paper’s are not corrupt..Kedarchand tells he will never leave anyone of them,,Kedarchand goes…Vibhor tells kedarchand to take his pen to Trap someone..Vibhor tells “RADHE RADHE”…Ghansham asks where he got paper’s..Vibhor tells tha he accepted proposal of Sitaram..Ghansham tells everything was soughted then why he took such a big step,,,Bilashi asks the judge If he have a fire brigade number As they are insulted…Vibhor tells nothing is important then his father reputation,,Vibhor tells his decision will not change anyhow..Ghansham cries and sees Vibhor…Vibhor tells he is alright…

Precap:::Bindiya tells Reeti that whole family is unhappy

Update Credit to: Ansari

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