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Badi Devrani 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Megha cries,,Reeti Brings Milk and says to drink Vibhor tells Megha to be a good girl and drink Megha says its of no-use of being a good girl As since childhood have respected everyone and agreed all decisions but no one cared.She dont want any big house or Car But want Shivam support and love,trust where she will not get at Maheshwari’s house Reeti tells she faced the same difficulties although her parents are Modern,Her Problems were she cannot say yes to his father and neither noo and is been married to Vibhor whom she even dont know Agreed and married Vibhor by believing that Love will blossom after Marriage and After seeing this much love for Shivam They are with Megha always.Megha smiles.During Night Reeti thinks the moments spent with Vibhor,,Vibhor too thinks..He thanks Reeti..Vibhor tells for taking care of Megha..Reeti tells she too love Megha..Vibhor looks at Reeti..Reeti tells she has headache,Vibhor Press Reeti’s head and she feels shy..Music plays of “BADI DEVRANI” on background..Reeti smiles and sees Vibhor,He asks what happened??Reeti says nothing..Vibhor says goodnight and sleeps Reeti smiles..
Next Morning Vibhor talks with Maheshwari by changing his voice and fix his meeting.Reeti listens and tells If he caught??Vibhor says in love one have to take risk..Prabha and Manbhari talks about sweet.Bilashi tells that why should they arrange??Prabha says that Megha is like their daughter,,Bilashi tells but she is not..Manbhari gets upset..Daadiji sees angrily to Bilashi..Prabha tells they have to decorate the whole house before Maheshwari comes..Bilashi tells that why Maheswari is welcoming in this house why not in Manbhari??Daadiji tells Prabha that Bilashi is right,,Prabha tells Manbhari that they will clean her house..Suddenly Maheshawari comes..Bilashi tells he didnt called anyone then who is this??Reeti tells this is Maheshwari Uncle..Everyone is shocked..Reeti tells Maheshwari to come inside and introduces Prabha,Daadiji and Bilashi..Maheshwari asks how is Vibhor??Vibhor tells he is good..Bilashi tells Maheshwari came at wrong house as the Bride’s house is backside in servent quarter’s..Prabha gesture Reeti..Reeti and Maheswari goes

Precap::Maheshwari demands fifty lakh rupees

Update Credit to: Ansari

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