Badi Devrani 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor telling dadaji that he needs a room from his shop for his business and will pay rent. Daadaji says no need to pay rent. Bilasi says he can pay rent as he has wasted a lot of Poddar family’s money. Vibhor asks dadaji to bless him that he should construct a big building with his business. Daadaji agrees.

Vibhor waits for Reeti restlessly in hall. Kajal and Bhairavi enter and tell his phone is ringing in his room. He says let it ring. Bhairavi provokes him against Reeti that his wife stay outside home most of the time. Kajal says she must have gone to temple to pray for him. Bhairavi asks at night? Vibhor fumes in anger.

Reeti searches her marriage card in raddiwala’s shop. Raddiwala switches off light and says it is time to close his

shop. she requests him to wait for 10 min and he agrees. She finally finds card and smiles. Raddiwala asks if she found card. He says yes.

Reeti reaches home and finds Vibhor doing workout angrily. He asks if she had gone to temple. She nods yes. He asks where is prasad. She says she gave it to someone. He holds her, asks she takes so much tension about his business, says he wants to spend some time with her and asks her to bring tea for them. She brings tea. He mixes a powder in his tea. She asks what did he mix. He says poison. She asks him not to joke. He laughs and asks why would he drink poison. He sips tea and says it is tasty as usual. She says thanks and asks why he wanted to discuss. He says he is tired of daily problems and from today she can live her life freely and he can freely die. She shuts his mouth and asks not to speak like this again. He says he really mixed poison in tea. She is shocked to hear that. He apologizes for his mistakes and falls unconscious. She worriedly tries to wake him up and calls daadi and mom. He wakes up, laughs and says he mixed sugar in tea. He asks she was talking about trust some time ago and now she is crying. She says he does not know how it feels when trust breaks. He says he wanted to show him same and leaves.

Reeti shows daadi her fake marriage card printed with her and Sameer’s name. Daadi says truth is very powerful and she will find out it for sure and then Vibhor will be forced to love her.

Precap: Reeti waits for someone outside bar. Vibhor follows her and starts yelling if she is not ashamed to stand here and ruin Poddar family’s name, asks her to blacken her face so that nobody identifies her here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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