Badi Devrani 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadaji goes to court,,,Manbhaari prays….Indiram asks Sitaram where he is going as he is not well..Sitaram tells he have to go…Reeti and Bindiya comes..Bindiya tells may be rajiv called thats why they went…Indira tells its three hours..Sitaram comes along with some people…
Sitaram tells its time for celebration…They were waiting for this moment since years..Sitaram tells Reeti engagment is fixed..Reeti and Indira is asked..Bindiya asks who is the boy???Anotherside Rajiv parents tell him that he acted very well infront of Sitaram and Sitaram forgive them..Everyone is worried at house,,Bilashi tells how they will hide the insult…Bilashi tells all to wear black clothes..Bilashi tells Kaushalaya to put more salt in achaar as there is bad luck for puddar family…Manisha

brings tea but everyone refuse..Bilashi tells he want poison rather than tea..Vibhor tells one minute,Vibhor angrily sees Bilashi..Manisha tells tea is hot…Vibhor drinks the hot tea,,,Everyone is shocked,,,Prabha comes crying tell that throat will be infected..Bilashi whatever do drink hot tea or anything everything is gone..Bilashi goes…Prabha cries and tells they have done nothing bad why this happened with them..Prabha goes..Bindiya tells her father Sitaram that Rajeev is not good So how could he fix the engagement???Bindiya tells that family will never accept Reeti as daughter-in-law..Reeti tells Bindiya enough as she trust her father..Reeti tells she will never go against father decision,,Bindiya tells do whatever and she dont care..Bindiya cries and goes…Reeti tells that she is agreed without any condition,,Sitaram gets happy..Reeti hugs Sitaram…Next morning one women tells Indira that they ar doing engagement very soon,,Indira tells that propsals were coming…Reeti asks Bindiya If she is unhappy,,Bindiya tells yes…Antara comes and tells that Boy’s side people came,,Rajiv comes along with parents..Reti is upset..Rajiv’s father tells Sitaram wanted to talk,,Sitaram tells one minute…Vibhor comes along with all family..Prabha sees angrily to Indira,,,Indira tells she is happy to see all of them,,Prabha ignores and goes,,,
Vibhor thinks How he called Sitaram and said to meet..Vibhor tells Sitaram how he save the shop??Sitaram tells that people respect him and he have contacts And they can get legal papers,,,Vibhor tells in one hour he can get legal paper’s??Sitaram tells yes…Vibhor tells he has done for the deal..Sitaram tells that it is not deal but a relationship.. Vibhor tells he is standing because of His father..Vibhor tells how Sitaram and Reeti is blackmailing he will never forget…Sitaram tells okey he will believe it is deal..Vibhor tells thanks..Vibhor tells to send the court paper’s..Then Sitaram can fix marriage whereever he want…

Precap::Rajiv congrats Vibhor…Indira asks tea..Prabha angrily says noo..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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