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Badi Devrani 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadaji,Ghansham and Nikonj and Bilashi comes..The Businessman tells Sitaram that they talked only that Vibhor have to apologise and whole his family also..Sitaram tells that this is not true,,Why he changing now??Businessman tells that Sitaram has some misunderstanding..
Bilashi tells that Sitaram is seeing Business..As is head of Businessmen then why not will listen to his friend..Sitaram tells its nothing like that ..Vibhor comes along with Kishore whom he fight..Bilashi and Sitaram sees and is shocked..Vibhor and that Kishore looks at each other…Both laughs hugs each other and comes…Ghansham tells sorry to Ghansham..Ghansham tells its okay..Businessman asks his Son-in-law Kishor what is happening??Vibhor tells that he apologised Kishor and Kishor said sorry to Ghansham..Vibhor

tells from now-onwards he will not fight…Sitaram tells that he is very happy..Everyone laughs..Kishore tells next week everyone has to come in Football match of his and Vibhor…At home everyone is worried…Ghansham calls Prabha and tells everything..
Prabha tells Daadiji that Vibhor reached before only shop and compromised and did friendship with Kishore..Daadiji tells she known that Vibhor has became very mature..Aanchal sees Reeti..Reeti gets happy…Vibhor comes home..Prabha does Aarti..Bilashi sees..Manbhari comes and takes Mirchi moves it round of Vibhor,,Bilashi coughs..Bilashi gets up angrily..Manbhari tells Bilashi anger also came out..Bilashi gets up.. Bilashi tells once he got angry everything will be bad..Prabha tells that Bilashi should be happy..Bilashi tells Vibhor like Coward become friend of Kishor..Daadiji tells why Bilashi thinks different everytime Vibhor did really good thing..As its difficult to do friendship with enemy….Bilashi tells Ghansham that they left shop on Nikonj,jugal and Daadaji They should go..Ghansham and Bilashi goes..Kaushalya asks How Vibhor is feeling??Vibhor tells that he was feeling like he wanted to pass but got distinctions..Daadiji tells that Vibhor has become very clever and Mature..Manbhari tells they are two people behind. one is Vibhor online teacher and second Reeti..Manbhari tells Daadiji that Reeti only said of Compromising with Kishore..Manbhari tells Vibhor to say..Vibhor says all came..Daadiji tells Reeti she did really good..Reeti brings three cup of tea..Vibhor tells Reeti to go..Reeti tells she came to celebrate with tea..Vibhor tells only two people in room For whom the third cup??Reeti tells she will explain One cup for her One for Vibhor and another for Vibhor’s online teacher..Reeti tells that Vibhor dont know anything about online teacher??Vibhor sees angrily to Reeti..Reeti tells to forget…Vibhor tells what Reeti thinks herself smart??Reeti tells that its nothing like that..

Precap::Reeti fall Vibhor Holds her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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