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Badi Devrani 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode started with hypnotized Vibhor asking Reeti where is she going. She says to her friend’s house. He says he will drop her as he is going to Piyush’s house. She says she is going in opposite direction and says she will meet him later.

Reeti reaches card printer’s shop and gives order for raksha bandhan card and gives Poddar house address. He asks if she is from Poddar family. She says yes. He says poddar family prints all their cards from him and says he printed some cards a few days ago, but was asked to change matter. She asks who changed it. He says he got a call. She takes his mobile and landline number and asks him to inform when he remembers who called him. She gets out of shop when Vibhor standing behind her calls and asks where is she. She says

she is at her friend’s house.

Reeti reaches home. Prabha asks where was she. Vibhor enters and says she had been to her friend’s house at new market. Reeti says chaurangi lane. He reminisces her being at new market and thinks she is lying and will show her true face to everyone. Prabha asks her to inform her and go as she gets tensed. Daadi says Reeti informed her. Vibhor asks if she told she went to market. Daadi says to her friend’s house. Vibhor laughs and says he was joking.

Daadi asks Reeti if Vibhor saw her in market. She says no, but she saw his car. Daadi says that means he loves her. She then asks if she found out who changed card’s matter. She says no. Daadi says whenever cards come home, something bad happens to her. Reeti reminisces Bilasi alleging her to have an affair with some guy and Biyani telling he trusts his daughter. She gets sad. Dadi says someone tried to ruin her life 5 years ago and even now. Reeti says she will find out who it is at any cost.

Bilasi prays god/maata to come on him also. Kaushalya asks what is he doing. He is fed up of Manbhari’s drama and people washing her legs, so he is calling maata on him. Bhairavi enters and he says Kaushalya that manbhari was dancing on Bhairavi’s medicine. She asks if he is happy with his small room. He says it is an ancestral property, so he is staying here, else he wants to stay in a big house with Kaushalya and watch her smiling face. Kaushalya gets shy and leaves. Bhairavi asks if he has any wish. He says though he is elder, he has to obey his father in shop and daadi and Prabha in house, even Manisha and Kajal have to obey Reeti. Manbhari says he should think about property partition. He says it is a good idea. She thinks bilasi has same thinking and she should use him to make Kajal as owner of this house.

Reeti and Daadi search cards in store room. Kaushalaya asks if they are searching something as she sold all papers to raddiwala in the morning. Daadi tells raddiwala’s address and asks Reeti to go and get cards soon. Reeti reaches shop and asks raddiwala to find her cards. He says he is busy and will help her in 5 min. She says she will find herself and starts searching for cards in papers.

Precap: Vibhor tells Reeti that she can live her life freely now as he took poison. She gets worried for him and he falls down unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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