Badi Devrani 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manbhari,,Aanchal..Manisha Kajal and Reeti comes in the room..Vibhor tells that he dont want tolisten anything..Manbhari tells that in the whole market people are talking about Vibhor..Manbhari tells to think..Vibhor tells everyone to go..Manisha tells that everyone will come here police..people…Vibhor tells Reeti that she dont have any work??Vibhor tells that he is not scared of anyone,,Reeti tells that Vibhor wanted to fight and go in jail then what is the use of his MBA studies..Reeti takes the laptop and tells that she will break that..Vibhor gets angry..
Vibhor snatches the laptop and Reeti pulls it..Vibhor tells to leave it…Vibhor raises his hand to slap Reeti but stops…Reeti gets upset..Reeti tells that just she touched the laptop Vibhor is getting angry Just imagine when

Ghansham fallen the bike,,How the person would have feel??,,Reeti tells it was Vibhor fault..Reeti tells Vibhor to understand the matter..Aanchal tells to forget all and clear the MBA entrance exam..Reeti tells that Vibhor to think..Manbhari says Reeti is right..Vibhor thinks..Bilashi drinks milk while everyone sees..Bilashi tells Manisha to bring more milk..Bilashi does exercise..Daadiji asks Bilashi what happened ??Why he is doing pushups??Bilashi tells that If Sitaram would not solve the matter then he will deal and beat them..He is getting ready for the fight..Prabha asks where is Vibhor..Reeti tells that Vibhor went somewhere..Ghansham tells how come as After sometime there is important meeting of the two parties..Prabha tells Ghansham that why he is blaming Vibhor???Reeti is responsible As Reeti would have stopped Vibhor from going..Its her Responsibility. As Vibhor is Reeti’s husband..
Daadiji tells Reeti that she have said already..Bilashi tells Reeti must have said Vibhor that Sitaram could not save him thats Vibhor scared and gone..Prabha tells that If Vibhor at time didnt reached at Meeting then Reeti will be responsible..Prabha cries..Bilashi shouts and tells Manisha to bring milk..Bilashi does push-ups.. Person tells that he will slap Vibhor…Person tells that he will beat Vibhor..Vibhor tells two tea..Person tells that he will throw the tea..Vibhor tells him to sit..Vibhor tells that he didnt came to fight..Person tells that he dont want to compromise He want to slap five times Vibhor,,Vibhor tells that he agree all the conditions but to sit and listen once.,.Nikonj and Jugal press Bilashi legs..Ghansham tells that time is over and they should go..Bilashi tells that he will not go till Vibhor came..Daadiji tells that Bilashi done two-hundred pushups and drink five glass of milk,,Bilashi tells that Vibhor didnt came till now then why should he go??..Bilashi tells If he go and get angry then whole Kolkatta will known Something Bad will happened..Daadiji tells Prabha not to worry as Vibhor will come..Ghansham tells that Vibhor has born always to tease them..Ghansham tells that very careless Attitude Vibhor has..Ghansham tells he is going..Daadajii goes…Nikonj and Jugal goes..Everyone sees Bilashi..Daadiji tells If Bilashi is not ashamed..Bilashi tells he known what all want to say that without him Puddar family is nothing…Bilashi gets up and goes..Reeti gets worried..

Precap::The Businessman tells Sitaram that whole Puddar family should say sorry to him..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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