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Badi Devrani 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti calling business card printer and asking him to send his address, she will come and select business card for Vibhor. Bhairavi and Kajal come out of Manbhari’s room and get tensed seeing Reeti coming towards them and hide. Reeti gets into Manbhari’s room and sees black magic kumkum laden lemon on floor. She asks Manbhari if she dropped it on floor. Manbhari says she is having severe headache, so she must have picked it to prepare lemon juice. Reeti says she will get her medicine and fresh lemon juice and leaves.

Kajal talks over phone with her friend and tell her mom is doing wonders in poddar family and got their big secret. Bilasi hears that and asks what did her mom do. Bhairavi enters and says yesterday maata/god came home. Bilasi asks her

to get maata on him also. Manbhari passes by and asks if he called her. He asks why she forces herself everyone’s discussions. Manbhari murmurs something and leaves. Bilasi imagines sitting on chair wearing veil and people serving him. Bhairavi wakes him up and asks if he was dreaming of some temple. Bilasi gets nervous and leaves.

Bhairavi scolds Kajal not to tell about Vibhor’s birth secret and wait until the right time comes. She will make her owner of this house for sure. Kajal says till then she cannot tolerate Reeti and asks her to do something to her. Bhairavi says her strength is in her mangalsutra and asks her to get her mangalsutra.

Kajal goes to Reeti’s room and praises her ear rings, then asks her to give her mangalsutra as her friend liked its design and wants to make same design via her jeweller. Reeti takes her mobile, clicks mangalsutra’s pic, and asks her to send it to her friend. Kajal says jeweller needs actual mangalsutra. Daadi hears that and asks how dare she is to ask Reeti’s mangalsutra. Kajal says sorry to both of them and leaves.

Kajal then fumes in front of Bhairavi that Reeti dared to disobey her. Bhairavi says so what she did not give her mangalsutra, she will make her take away her mangalsutra forever.

Reeti tells daadi that she is going to meet card printer who printed her MBA card. Daadi wishes her good luck.

Vibhor talks to his friend about getting a new office. Bhairavi enters and asks him to not to select south side office, else his business will not succeed. She asks him to eat clove and says it is prasad. He says he does not like all this. She asks him to eat it as a mouth freshener. She starts acting as something getting into her eyes and asks him to blow it. He looks into her eyes and she hypnotizes him with her black magic. She then asks him to eat clove. He does. She asks him to find out where Reeti goes after he leaves home. He nods yes. She thinks clove will inflict doubt for Reethi in his mind and soon their relationship will break.

Precap: Reeti searches her certificate in store room. Kaushalya says she sold all papers to raddiwala/scrapman. Reeti goes to raddiwala’s shop and searches her certificate.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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