Badi Devrani 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti returning cheque to Bilasi in front of dadaji and asks how can he degrade Vibhor like this. Bilasi says if 1 lakh is less, he will give more money and she and Vibhor should leave this house taking it. Dadaji hears that and asks Bilasi to stop insulting Vibhor and go and apologize her. Bilasi says he went to apologize, but Vibhor and Reeti insulted him. Seetaram enters and asks Bilasi to shut up. He says he will take Vibhor and Reeti to his house. Bilasi asks him to take them right now. Seetaram says he has so much wealth that vibhor and Reeti’s seven generations cannot spend it. Reeti says she is very happy to have a father like him, but she cannot leave this house and come as this is his house. Seetaram says people like bilasi will not let her live

here and leaves. Manbhari sees this and fumes that Reeti is a fool to not accept Seetaram’s offer.

Manbhari goes and tells her husband that Reeti is a fool to not accept her father’s offer. He asks what happened. She says Seetaram wanted to take Reeti and Vibhor home, but Reeti rejected his offer. Swaroopchand says she should be ashamed to push 2 lives into darkness forever due to her greed and now she is more greedy. She says her son was living lavish life and she wants him to live a lavish life forever. Swaroopchand stands silently.

Bilasi calls newspaper advertisement agency and asks to publish that Vibhor is not poddar family son in all news papers. Dadaji hears that and scolds him that he crossed all his limits now. Whole family gathers. Bilasi says truth cannot be denied. Ghanshyam says vibhor will not go from here. Bilasi says either he or Vibhor will stay in this house. Vibhor comes and says he will go from this house. Prabha says he cannot leave his mother. Vibhor brings his bag and says he has to. Manbhari says she gave him birth and requests him not to leave this family. Vibhor says she played with her emotions since childhood and not anymore. Reeti stands in front. He says he will not take her as he does not know where he is going.

Vibhor walks out house, but a lady comes in car and gets out. Whole family watches her surprisingly.

Precap: Dada and Daadi call lady as Kalyani, bless her and say she has not forgotten her sanskar even after being in US. Kalyani asks Bilasi if he is quiet always or after seeing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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