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Badi Devrani 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells what all are doing and why???Ghansham tells that they are trying that Vibhor should be safe from Police,,Vibhor tells that he dont want anyone help And it was other person fault and he has done right If anyone beat his father he will break that hands.Vibhor goes inside Reeti tells what is the matter and why Vibhor is soo angry.. Reeti text as teacher and tells Vibhor that he should not have beaten the person.VIbhor tells he will beat again and again who will touch his father Reeti tells that If Police come to shop then shop name will be spoiled Vibhor says that he dont want any advice Reeti tells that other person were also present of the family but they didnt did anything..Vibhor tells that its his personal matter and he will handle Vibhor says its not part of his MBA Studies..Prabha tells

Kaushalya that she is very much scared..Prabha tells that Reeti should talk to Vibhor.
Reeti tells that Vibhor is very angry So she came..Prabha tells that his son is not Animal..Prabha tells that Vibhor destiny is very bad As he got very Coward wife..Kaushalya tells Reeti to take oil and massage Vibhor and explain her…Kaushalya tells Prabha to make Prabha tells two spoon cocunut oil and two spoon Amla oil and two drops Napthelon..Sitaram talks to that person..Sitaram tells its his request not to Go to Police and think..The person agrees..Divya tells Sitaram to eat the food..Sitaram tells its about his daughter and son-in-law..Divya tells she promise that she will talk to Reeti..Divya calls Reeti..Divya tells that father didnt ate anything niether food nor anything..Reeti tells what Divya is doing??Reeti tells she is still worried..Divya tells that father is really worried..Reeti tells that she is feeling bad because Her father Sitaram is
Reeti tells Divya to takecare of father..Reeti tells that she is trapped one side is Puddar family and anotherside is Vibhor..Vibhor sleeps down stairs..Reeti comes..Vibhor tells he is sleeping because Reeti only said..Reeti tells Vibhor to listen..Vibhor acts like sleeping..Reeti tells that ears are open..Reeti tells to sleep on bed..Vibhor tells that he dont want anyone sympathy,,Reeti tells Vibhor atleast not to talk under bedsheet..Vibhor tells its not bedsheet its blanket..
Reeti tells that Vibhor is talking under blanket like some Cat is saying “Meow”..Reeti tells she will remove the blanket..Vibhor tells noo..Reeti tells that Kaushalya said to put the oil so that Vibhor could be cool..Vibhor tells he known Reeti very well..Vibhor gets up..Reeti tells “Good boy”…Reeti tells as her mother-in-law only said to put oil..Vibhor tells that he known very well how Reeti is..May be Reeti only said to his mother that he is angry..Reeti tells its nothing like that instead Prabha said that she dont care about Vibhor..Reeti tells Vibhor to put oil..Vibhor says no…Reeti shouts “cockroach”…Reeti try to put oil But Vibhor pushes it Oil falls on Reeti,,Reeti gets angry..Vibhor laughs..Vibhor tells Reeti to see her face in Mirror as she is looking soo horrible..Vibhor tells that people who dig for other will fall in that only..Reeti throws the oil on Vibhor and tells both will see in Mirror…Reeti tells that His mother loves him alot and atleast thinking about mother to put oil..Vibhor agrees..Reeti Massages Vibhor..Reeti and Vibhor looks at each other..Vibhor tells he is feeling sleepy..Reeti tells Manbhari that she called kajal and Manisha also..Kajal and Manisha comes..Reeti tells that yestarday Vibhor gave everyone rose and yestarday only he trapped..Reeti tells all love Vibhor and now Vibhor need the,,Reeti tells that should explain Vibhor..Manbhari tells to say directly..Reeti tells she will say..

Precap::Reeti throws away Vibhor’s laptop..Vibhor gets angry..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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