Badi Devrani 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ plays Music Everyone dance Vibhor tells Reeti that he will never dance..Vibhor sees his friends Krishh and Tushar He tells they have to dance otherwise his friends will see Reeti says to request her Vibhor tells please Song goes on Background “Kuch toh hai Tujse RAABTA” Vibhor and Reeti dance Krishh sees and shows a thumbs up to Vibhor, He smiles..Reeti and Vibhor both looks at each other anotherside Megha is worried tells that why Reeti and VIbhor didnt came till now??Vibhor and Reeti comes Megha asks what happend??Vibhor furiously tells Megha that the guy is very bad Reeti says yes Megha tells she want to marry Shivam only!!Vibhor and Reeti laughs,,Vibhor tells he liked Shivam very much..Megha hugs Reeti and thanks her and asks what about Maheshwari??Reeti says they have do something Vibhor says he have decided.
Krissh gives Prabha Vibhor license and tells that he got in cafe.Prabha asks but Vibhor went to his in-laws house Vibhor and Reeti tells to Manbhari..Manbhari tells that they dont know the family and Year’s ago she was married to Swaroopchand because he was a good person festivals even they dont have money and Bilashi scolded alot because they are poor Even if she die Megha will not be married..Manbhari tells they will ask Prabha about shivam Suddenly Prabha comes..Praba tells she will not allow by anyhow,,She shows Vibhor licence and asks what is this??Megha cries Prabha tells Reeti his Son didnt lied to her,, Vibhor tells to think about Megha..Prabha cries and tells she got the answer.Megha tells Prabha she cannot see her upset..Prabha tells Megha will be married to Maheshwari”s Son only .Megha goes..Reeti tells they will try once more

Precap:Maheswari comes at Puddar’s house

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thankyou for the the update I guess Vibhor is Manbhari’s Son what say guyz???

  2. Thankyou for the fastest update Ansari ji The serial is day by day becoming very intresting

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