Badi Devrani 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bilashi goes and tells in Mic that he will read the Invitation card and tell that SItaram daughter Reeti marriage is fixed with person dont know,,Boy is not there..But only five days are left..At shop Mr Kedershan comes and tells that he want the shop..Vibhor and everyone is upset..Ghansham tells okey..Mr kedershan puts kalash..Kedershan taunts GHansham tells that shop is still to be constructed..He tells Dadajii to stay at home and rest,,,He tells to keep the calculations..Vibhor gets angry..Anotherside one person tells that Bilashi distributed cards to take revenge..Bilashi asks Sitaram where is the boy???Bilashi tells that no family is capable to fix marriage..Sitaram feels dizziness and fall..Reeti asks If he alright??
Kedershan reads the board “PODDAR AND SONS” He tells that

he has waiting for the time when “KEDARCHAND AND SONS” board will be there..Ghansham falls,,Vibhor holds..kedar tells it was just a trailer…Reeti tells Bilashi enough..Reeti tells every time he said bad about his father..Reeti tells who do bad with other’s will never be happy..Reeti tells that they care about Bilashi’s reputation thats why they are quiet..and still five days are left..Life is such unpredictable. destiny will change in minutes,,Kedarchand tells Ghansham cannot run the shop..Vibhor tells enough as theer is still time and life is unpredictable..Whenever time changes all plans will be fail..Kedar tells that’s all about destiny..Kedar tells that all other formalities they will complete at court..Kedar tells that in evening they will place “KEDAR AND SONS” board..Vibhor is quiet,, Bilashi goes…Sitaram falls…Reeti and everyone is shocked..Prabha tells that no one From shop till now..Manbhari tells because they are worried…Bilashi comes home shouting..Daadiji asks Kaushalaya what happened??Kaushalaya tells that Bilashi insulted alot Sitaram..Doctor checks Sitaram tells that may he suffering from heart problem..After ECG all will be clear….Reeti tells that Father hands are too cold..Its all are happening because of her..Reeti tells Sitaram not to take stress,,If anything happened then she will not be hppy…Sitaram tells that he is not that weak..Rajiv calls Sitaram..Sitaram is shocked..Rajiv tells that today he felt very bad for today what happeend,,Rajiv tells that he want to marry Reeti and he wanted to meet and talk once..Sitaram agrees..

Precap::Prabha cries and asks Kaushalaya why such things happening with them???.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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