Badi Devrani 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadiji tells Reeti to take care of Vibhor..As Vibhor is little stupid…Daadiji tells Reeti to once talk to Vibhor’s online teacher..Reeti tells its nothing like that..Daadiji tells Reeti to take-care of Vibhor…Sitaram comes at Puddar shop Everyone is sitting…Ghansham tells to sit…Ghansham tells Nikonj to close the door..Nikonj closes..Bilashi tells that mistake is of that other person..Sitaram tells that he heard whole matter and came here..Sitaram tells that its Vibhor mistake..Sitaram tells that Vibhor should not have beaten the person..Bilashi tells that Person is son-on-law of Buisnessman..Vibhor is also Son of Puddar family and Son-in law of Sitaram..Sitram tells that Vibhor beaten the person that was recorded in CCTV..Ghansham tells that they will also go in Police..Bilashi

tells that How father-in-law is Sitaram..Bilashi tells Sitaram to sought out the matter or otherwise they will do..Sitaram tells that he will sought out the matter But all of them have to tolerate.. The person comes along with his son-in-law..He tells that If Vibhor didnt Apologised then they will send Vibhor jail on attempt to murder…Sitaram is shocked..Everyone sees Vibhor..Sitaram is confused..Bilashi tels that Finally the day has arrived when Sitaram also will be insulted…Sitaram comes and sit..Divya asks if the matter is solved??Divya gives water…Sitaram tells that what happened to today’s generation..Sitaram tells the matter is big..And its about his position..Sitaram tells he dont no what to do..Divya tells not to worry..
Sitaram tells that If he helped Vibhor then Market people will tell that Sitaram helped his son-in-law..And If helps Market people then All Puddar family will be annoyed…Vibhor comes and tells Reeti he want to sleep..Reeti tells Vibhor to sleep down..Vibhor sees Angrily to Reeti..Reeti tells not to see like this..Vibhor shouts at Reeti and tells not to joke with her as he is not in the mood…Reeti tells okay she will some place on the bed..Reeti tells why Vibhor is shouting like this..Reeti gets upset…Vibhor tells Reeti to take the almira and bed..Vibhor tells not to mess up with him today..Reeti tells okay but not to shout at her…Vibhor close his eyes..Reeti tells she is going..Vibhor shouts and tells to go..Reeti’s mobile phone falls…Reeti and both Vibhor tries to pick up but Bang each other head,,Vibhor tells that he will pick..Vibhor gives the phone..Reeti goes in the hall…
Bilashi tells that Dogs that bark more do not bite..The same way he Sitaram is..Bilashi tells that Sitaram is just buisnessman of name..If he wanted the person could have apologised but didnt…Reeti is shocked…Reeti asks what happened???Bilashi tells to call his father and tell to Save Vibhor from Police,,Reeti asks what Vibhor did..Bilashi tells just to call his father..Bilashi calls Sitaram and gives the phone to Reeti..Reeti takes the phone..Vibhor snatches it and cuts the call…

Precap::Vibhor throws oil on Reeti…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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