Badi Devrani 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells Ghansham that he also wanted to come to shop,,Ghansham tells why not..Ghansham tells after that no one will force Vibhor to sit at shop..Manbhari does pooja…Manbhar tells to show some miracle soo that all will agree for Marriage…Bilashi and Sitaram comes accross inn function..Indira gets worried..Bilashi tells himself that he wantedly send him inside.,,Bilashi smiles(evil)..Kaushalya tells that something is wrong..Sitaram along with Reeti and Bindiya comes,,Kajal tells Kaushalya that she will go backstage for preparation,,Kaushalaya tells Bilashi to give the bag..Bilashi tells no way..Daadaji sits in shop..Vibhor tells his Uncle that will help..Uncle tells to do the calculations..Vibhor gets a call..He cuts..Again phone rings..Daadaji tells to pick up…Vibhor’s friends

tells to come,,,Vibhor tells no..
Bilashhi sits..Kaushalaya tells that today it will be good If he was at shop,,Bilashi tells that is he court stamp??If he go the shop will be saved??Bilashi tells they can balance..Anotherside One man comes and thanks Sitaram…Sitaram goes and sits..Bilashi tells that this respect will be only for few days…Bilashi goes and gives the bag to a waiter….Bindiya tells All the best to Reeti and tells that she have to go,,Bindiya goes..Reeti tells KAjal all the best but she ignores..Manisha tells Daadijii to talk Prabha as she is very upset..Daadiji tells its okey..Manbhari comes and tells she is on fast..Manbhari tells she saw a dream and was scared..Prabha asks what she saw??Manbhari tells she saw Reeti doing pooja,,Prabha tells to shut up..
As the compedition starts..Reeti cooks,,Kajal also starts cooking..Kajal looks at Reeti and smiles..KAjal tells that Reeti dont know cooking then why she came..A waiter distributes envelope to all,,,Bilashi sees and gets happy..Everyone sees the inviatation card..Kaushalaya gets shocked and sees Bilashi..Host tells the countdown begins 5…4..3..2..1,,He tells that Judge will come and check the dishes and decide who will be the winner…Reeti makes Pizza..Judges eats and sees Reeti,,Reeti is worried..Judges goes..Host asks any guess??Everyone shouts and tells kajal…Reeti smiles and sees Kajal,,Kajal sees angrily Reeti..Host tells that “Reeti” is the winner..Everyone claps..Host tells that there is tie between Reeti and Kajal…kajal gets jealous and sees Reeti…Reeti gets the trophy…Sitaram congrats Reeti..Indira tells its not possible that anyone dont like the food…One person comes and tells thanks to Sitaram..Girl tells why Reeti hide about her marriage is fixed..Person tells that Sitaram fixed the marriage after five days..Everyone is shocked..

Precap:::Bilashi tells Sitaram have promised to fix marriage but where is the boy,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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