Badi Devrani 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bilasi angrily telling Kaushalya that Kajal lied to them and even made Nikunj lie, he will never forgive them. Kaushalya says Kajal adopted their marwari rituals easily and never troubled them. He says she came well prepared and if she takes Kajal’s side, she should beat him with his shoes first and make him bald and then go against him.

Kajal sees Reeti walking with Dada/dadi and starts acting as trying to hang herself to a ceiling fan and suicide. Reeti sees that and calls whole family. Nikunj gets her down, but she continues acting that she wants to die but does not want to go to her mother’s house. Nikunj says if his family does not accept them, they will go from here permanently, but she should not suicide. Bilasi says he will not forgive

kajal’s mistake. Kaushalya shouts that she will also go with her beta/bahu and why is he punishing Kajal for a single lie when Prabha lied them for years. Dadaji says he is elder of this house and he has decided Kajal and Nikunj will not go from his house. Bilasi says he will accept his decision as Nikunj is their dear one, but what about someone who is a stranger. Vibhor gets sad hearing this. Manbhari asks him not to pay heed to Bilasi’s words.

Bilasi before sleeping imagines Vibhor as a fly and he breaking his feathers and smashing him and laughs…

Reeti informs family that vibhor is missing. Whole family panics. They all go to Manbhari’s house and see Vibhor holding Megha’s hands and consoling her. Ghanshyam runs and hugs him. Reeti apologizes family for lying and says Vibhor she wanted him to realize howmuch his family loves him. Vibhor smiles.

Kajal calls Bhairavi and says with her idea, she did such a drama that papaji and whole family came under her trap and forgave her. Bhairavi asks her to act as adarsha bahu now and keep quiet for some time. Kajal says cannot forgive Reeti and will try her best to kick her out of house. Bhairavi asks her not to hurry and wait until Reeti makes a mistake, then with just a blow, Reeti will be out of this house. Should also stop calling her badi devrani as she is not poddar family bahu now. Kajal says yes and smirks.

Precap: Dadaji calls lawyer to make his will. Bilasi says he did right, but he should not give his property a stranger. He gives 1 lakh cheque to Vibhor and says it is a bit amount for Swaroopchand’s son, he should take this cheque and get out of this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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